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Paragon really focuses on academics, the teachers take time to do whatever is needed for the kids. My kids went there and ended up both going to MIT. Paragon is a great school
I felt extremely safe at Paragon. There were never any security problems. We had regular drills to prepare us for the worst situation but never were needed to be executed in a real situation. Each person was required to sign in with an electronic system when entering the building, this was also monitored by the office staff.
There were only 4 options for sports at the school, partially because of interest, and partially because of funding. The ones that were offered were either coached by a parent (which often caused issues) or a current teacher. They made do with what they could, but often had intramural sports as another option. There weren't any real clubs for after school that I can remember.
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I personally loved my experience at Paragon. Whenever I felt bullied I knew I could talk to any one of my teachers or even the administration. They handled any issues between the students in an excellent manner. Education wise, they had different levels for each type of student. Extra help was always available for those who needed it, no matter what level they were in. The school encouraged relationships between all grades, and helped the younger kids to have someone to look up to. Since leaving Paragon I have kept in touch with many of my former classmates and teachers. They instill morals in each child, and help each student realize what is important to them. There were many fun and educational assemblies for all ages. There were also wonderful field trips for each grade that opened students' eyes to the world around them.
The Advanced Learner Program (ALPs) was a wonderful program to be in. The teachers cared about each student as if they were their own child. It was more than just a special class room, it was a family. The teachers in the rest of the building were also caring and had good understanding of the material they were teaching.
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