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I have had a good experience at Panama, I have really good teachers and there are really good kids that go there. The things I would like to change would be some of the policies that they have and I would love yo have open campus.
It’s a good school, small and personal with teachers who care about the students. You’re given every opportunity to learn here, yet it’s your choice. No one is going to make you learn and take the knowledge given. It’s up to the students to use the resources and knowledge put before them to better themselves.
My time at Panama high school has been fun. One of the things I would like to see changed are honestly just the size of the high school, the elementary halls are wider than the high school ones, I would just like to see a new high school built and I would be just fine with that.
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I liked the small classes and one on one time with teachers a Panama school. It helps to make things more understandable and for students to work more efficiently without all the noise that larger schools usually endure.
Panama could be a better school if we had better teachers who would actually care about us. They don't worry about us. Most of them are on their phones most of the time. Also there are numerous safety concerns and they need to be addressed and fixed.
they have all the needs to keep us safe while at school.
we do not have many after school programs. we have our sports and social organizations, including quiz-bowl. everyone at our school enjoys what we do have though.
i have been in Future Farmers of America for all my high school and i love all the new people you meet and the experiences you get going on trips. we also get sign ups for state events like the Paleontology Expedition held by the museum in Norman Oklahoma. We are a unique school in many ways, for example, we have many fundraisers and community gatherings were people come and enjoy themselves. i would because no one van replace the friends and family you find in this little town.
the teaching styles of our teachers are unique. they use examples from our childhood and our coming future. it really catches your attention.
The academics are well balanced and are not directed towards any specific belief system or opinion. The teachers assign an adequate workload that is relative to the subject being taught. It is not unbearably difficult to complete all assignments and receive an "A" in the class, but it is a challenge. I feel that all all aspects of my high school's academic system are considered fair.
The school facilities and resources are readily available to any student who is in need of access. The high school itself does not require the usage of technology to complete assignments. Sources such as tutoring, parent involvement, and teacher assistance is always available to students.
The extracurricular activities are extremely influential at my high school. I have been involved in almost every organization and club, and I have not found one that I felt I did not belong in. They are welcoming to people of all types and very easy to join. The requirements for most of them are minimal. Most student attending my high school are involved in at least one organization. They are a fun and exciting way to bond with new people and learn more about different interests.
The overall quality of the teachers is outstanding. They have provided me a lifelong education that exceeds the boundaries of the classroom. I strongly belief that I would not have been the same person if I had been taught by teachers at a different school. I am incredibly thankful that I had the chance to learn from such compassionate individuals. Their lessons will continue to teach me for the rest of my life.
The school I attend doesn't really offer many food options. They have a decently strict menu, and it's slightly repetitive. The only alternative for the main course is a salad. The provided foods are reasonably priced and very will proportioned, though. I feel that I always receive an adequate amount of all food groups. The meals are calorie-based, but they assembled well enough that it is hardly noticeable.
The administration at my school is extremely involved in the everyday environment of the students. The principal doubles as a substitute teacher and is willing to supervise any class no matter what time it is. My principal is a former science teacher and is always stopping into classrooms at random times to lecture us on new topics he's learned about. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He is very easy to talk to and is always willing to listen to whatever a student has to say. My principal is also the high school football and softball coach. He is deeply involved in all the sports events and has strong pride in our school. His enormous amount of energy and love for education has made him one of the best principals a student could ask for.
Most of the teachers at this school go above and beyond to help their students.
Many students are involved in activities, but these activities are mostly limited to athletics. There is very little ethnic/racial diversity, with each class having only one or two minority students.
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This school puts a very large emphasis on athletics. Most students are active in at least one sport.
The extracirriculars at this school focus mainly on athletics, with a few things such as band and drama club thrown in.
We had a few empty bomb theats when I was in school, all of which were handled very seriously. The administration takes any threat against it's students to be very serious. It was good to know that they were taking things seriously.
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