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Since this is a small High School, students at Pan American International High School receive a lot of help when applying to college and also the teachers and staff are to attend to the students needs.
Pan American International High School is bilingual specialized for Hispanic teenagers. I like about Pan American International High School is that the teachers include student's culture in the lesson. I would like to change is that there is no sports officially play in this school.
Something I really like about my high school is the support my teachers give me. I remember that the first time I arrived in this country, I spoke absolutely no English. However, with their support, I was able to improve my English.
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What I liked about Pan American International high school is that we treated as a family because we are latinos people international students and I liked that the school have a good safety, every teacher also had been treating as good and supporting each students to learn english. In the future I would like to change some classes because sometimes there is students that want to learn something that is connecting with their career that they want to make at college, so I want make all the possibility to find some of these classes for each student, for instance, I wanted to learn something about economic in high school to prepare for college because economy is related to international business administration that is my goal.. So I want make the students choose a class that can help to learn that that knowledge can help a lot to them in everywhere. And more programs, and sports supporting them with more classes of english so we are a family as latinos we can make the change to America.
One thing that I like about Pan American International High School is that I feel like my second home because the teachers give me the support that I need to be successful in life, also we are a family that supports each other not matter the ethics. Pan American International High School is the wonderful institute for people that want to achieve their goals and purpose that every student has in life. I will not change anything about Pan American International High School because they bring us the best education that they have.
Since I got to Pan American International High School, I can say that it has been like meeting another family but in school. PAIHS is so different to other schools because there people treat you like brother and sister, your friends care so much about how you are doing but most importantly my teachers are the best thing because they pushed me to speak in english even when I did not understand a word. Thanks to everyone in that school, I feel confident about myself when speaking other language (english) rather than my native language which is Spanish.
It is a great school, it have excellent stuff that help all type of student without preference.
I would do it all over again if I had the option. This school made me a better person and the best experiences academically and personally.
NYC school lunch/food is not the best.
They have great staff who are always encouraging students to behave a do better in school, they are hard on students who bully others and always call home if a students is late or absent
This school could use a better way to exercise students, there is not enough space or equipments
If it wasn't for the patience of the professor at Pan American International High school most of the students who go there would come out of the school knowing nothing.
They could have better sport related after school programs but in overall the programs they have are based on school work and that is important
This school prepared me not only for the world that was waiting for me as an adult but as an immigrant. They teach us a culture that is different for every single student who goes to that school, who just came from their countries and know nothing about the place they are living in now. They taught me about the opportunities this country has for me and most importantly that I have to go and look for them because there are plenty for everyone.
Some of the teachers are a little mean with and hard with grading
Safety police is really involved and we have all the deans in any problems surrounding the students.
This school is really great I have a lot fun and I feel like home because I have a lot support . all the students help each other with the English also all of us can relate to each other and our immigrant experiences.
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All the teachers are very helpful at anytime. All try to help the students in order for them to have a better class performance plus they care about our path towards college.
e don't really have any team our students plays for the Newtown high school team.
One of the most fun and have made a lot recognition is the theater club. This have helped students to learned English and also being themselves.
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