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It was run rather politically; wealthy families had a lot of power over the schools decisions. There were too many kids for the amount of resources available. The actual subject material being taught wasn't critical for the success of the students. With all that being said, it still felt far safer than most schools in Las Vegas. Generally, the teachers were pretty good.
I attended Palo for all four years of my high school career. All in all, my last two were the most effective in preparing me for college. I enrolled myself in the IB diploma program and do not regret it. The program has helped prepare me for college in more ways than I can count.
Palo Verde offers a very challenging curriculum for those who are up for the challenge. My daughter is an excellent student who is challenged and engaged everyday. There is quite a bit of homework for the serious student.
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For the most part, the teachers engage with their students and make the curriculum easy to understand, but I wish the science department could get themselves together and teach in a way that students would understand instead of relying on us to understand things that they cannot adequately explain. Other than that though, the school is amazing, and should definitely be a contender school for anybody who wants to move to Las Vegas.
Personally, I really enjoyed Palo, it was such an amazing experience and had such amazing teachers and administrators. Not much to complain about, truly a wonderful experience
The opportunities available at Palo Verde High School are the main reason for it being such a high rated school. The school has everything from athletics to academics to fine arts. The fine art programs are amazing especially with the nationally recognized concert band. The sports programs teach teamwork and hard work. Palo Verde is one of those schools where students are allowed to flourish in whatever they want to do. The only con I have against Palo Verde is its large sized classes. Palo Verde along with other Clark County schools has had a shortage of students for the longest time. Honor classes range from anywhere to 25-35 students, while regular classes have even more students.
Some of the teachers could be better, not a lot of them are good at actually teaching and helping students learn. There's not a lot of student fights or bullying going on. For the most part a good environment.
There is this one US History teacher where he literally told us, students, that he wanted to quit but he couldn't because his salary wasn't high enough and you could tell that he hates his job. He is constantly made fun of by other students and overall this school is just terrible student wise
My overall experience of my teenage years at Palo Verde High School has been average. It's like your typical high school, not so much electives,clubs & activities choices, but there is genuine humble students, and great teachers. Also the school food could personally be a lot better.
My freshman year I didn't take seriously because I thought why should I when its my first year of high school ,so ima have fun. I didnt let my grades slip though. My sophmore year was hard because I let a two of my grades slip to a D. Junior year was tough because i had to make up a couple classes to get back on the A-G requirement and I had to start getting ready for college. Now its my aenior year and I'm doing good all thanks to the teachers, famoly, friends, counselors and staff at my school that helped me get to where I am at now.
The school is overall alright. The teachers seem to care about your education most of the time. The atmosphere is semi-neutral.
It was a safe place to be able to learn. All my teachers were amazing besides a few but I enjoyed learning at this school and growing here.
I enjoyed my teachers and the way the ones I had supported the students. However, I did not have good experiences with my fellow peers. I ended up leaving Palo Verde to finish my senior year with an online school.
Palo Verde is a nice school, the teachers are very helpful and caring to the students. The staff is good as well. Students are very nice and friendly.
The teachers are very nice and the students are respectful. There is a high quality of education and the higher-level classes are competitive. Many students are taking Honors or AP classes and there is an International Baccalaureate program at the school. Many interesting electives are offered and students are encouraged to take classes they are express interest in. Additionally, block scheduling is beneficial for students because this helps them retain information longer with fewer classes in a day and longer class periods.
Unfortunately due to the incompetence of the staff, my high school experience has been completely useless. I would love to say that Palo could be commended for the academics being offered for determined students. However, the faculty is known for bringing the students down, and making them feel like they do not really have a chance, in the real world, academically, however. The main thing Palo Verde lacks, is college readiness. Arguably the most important aspect a high school needs.
My high school experience has been the best four years of my life. Ive participated in a plethora of activities, sports, and clubs. Ive met all different kinds of people and have never felt unsafe at my school. the people are amazing, and friendships are ones I know will last a long time. The teachers are very good and for the most part do their best to teach you the material. Ive had problems with some of the staff members messing some things up for me, but others have fixed their mistakes. Overall Ive learned very good social skills, and more during high school, and I don't believe I would have done better at any other school. I am proud to be graduating as a Palo Verde Panther.
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My overall experience was pretty good. The teachers would help me raise my grade if need be by giving me lots of practice and the whole environment in Palo Verde is very friendly. The only parts I would change is the funding. Most funding goes to the sports and not enough to music and STEM. The music department is amazing too!
My experience at Palo Verde was nothing special. It was a normal high school that did have their events but nothing major. The people at Palo are mostly nice but could act like spoiled kids. The teachers are okay but the math department has the worst teachers. It is a very social group school where not everyone goes out of their way to be friends with you.
I like that people included others in school activities but I don’t like that bullying happens often and that needs to change.
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