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Palmetto Middle School Reviews

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Good school with overall good students. Needs to get rid of uniform so students will be able to learn comfortably like all other schools throughout the United States. Uniform policy is very outdated.
The students are great! The teachers not so great! Teachers are not well organized, dont return e-mails from parents. The grading situation is a disaster. Students hand in homework that somehow is not graded and students receive a bad grade after they did all the work. Teachers do not cooperate with students.
The kids are great! My daughter has an excellent group of friends! Some teachears are great, like my daughter's science teacher Ms Buria , Ms Spenelli, her Math teacher is good! However there are some teachers that have an attitude and don't make an effort to communicate effectively with the parents in order to help the students improve their performance.
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The school was well maintained and a safe place for kids.
Some of the teachers are very educated and some were just doing their job as easily as possible.
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