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The school gives a lot of advantages for the students to achieve their goals they have a lot of programs and certificates to give they also have a lot of opportunities for students that want to graduate early. Teachers care about you there might be one or too that are tough to deal with but they are teachers after all.
The campus is very nice and has great facilities. One thing I'd change however is the lack of support towards the students' concerns.
The I.B. program at Palm Harbor University Offers a high quality education with teachers well trained and skilled at preparing each student for his/her exams. Personally, the teachers there have taught me to always be eager to learn and challenge myself so that I can achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend the IB program at Palm Harbor to anyone who is eager to be well prepared for college and develop excellent organization skills to be a well rounded student.
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Poor experience. Couldn't even use the bathrooms because of the rampant drug usage. The teachers were not good at what they taught and were really rude all the time
Palm Harbor University High School is a very good school for academics and has many AP classes to get you prepared for college.
Palm Harbor University High School has different programs, such as the medical program, IB program, and traditional. With the different programs, it allows students to choose what program fits them best. However, there should be more diversity and more healthy food options. The administration does not properly help the students either.
I overall had a very pleasant school experience. Im currently going into my senior year, however of what Ive experienced, I can only say positive things. Being an LGBT+ male student, I was genuinely nervous to see what high school was like. However through the support of both teachers and peers, I have been able to blossom into a person I am proud of. Thank you PHUHS.
I wish there was a little more diversity but other than that its a great school. The campus is very large and has plenty of good room to conduct classes and activities.
They really were not teaching the material that was up to date for the grade level. As I transferred here from Ohio where I had already learned much of the information like how to format writing properly in elementary school. Then being a transfer I was not allowed to go into any AP courses that I planned on taking because I was new. I give it to the fact that the enrollment staff (one person in particular) and other staff in the front office were not helpful. They made things more confusing than needed be and even yelled at my mom and I because she was going to ask a question. "Put that down. Your daughter should be the one asking the questions and you need to leave" We literally were just asking basic questions about getting transcripts sent and my mom just wanted to ask a question. If you go here do what I did get into the Early College Program so you never have to go back or transfer to somewhere better.
Very pretty campus that is well taken care of. My experience with many of the teachers was not good. Many made it feel like they did not care deeply about their students and their success.
I Graduated from PHU in 2015. I had mostly amazing teachers but a few not so good teachers. It was well funded. Plenty of opportunities for early college and AP.
Palm Harbor University offers an amazing IB program which allows students to earn the IB diploma as well as prepare for college. It stresses on important skills and things such as resumes and cover letters.
I doubt that there are many (if any) programs in Pinellas County that are as rigorous and demanding as the IB Program at Palm Harbor University High School. We have some of the best teachers out there and are truly pushed to our limits so that we can prepare for college. Also, our campus is great and we have several excellent extracurricular activities, such as several sports teams and clubs. All in all, it is an excellent school that I would recommend to any hardworking student out there.
This school is amazing school amazing teachers who are willing to be there for you and be by your side and very understanding. This school values academic achievement and hard work and that will certainly prepare you for college and life. A school who doesn't just idolize your grades but also enjoying your high school experience and making sure your OK. You'll always find a friend here and they'll be your friend for life possibly. You will always have somebody there for you teachers, students, who ever they'll be there for you to guide you throughout life onto college. One of the best schools and attending this school for three years it has helped me and grown me into a very hard working person and pushes me and that's something that i value and thank.
I would like to see the staff care more about their students and less about themselves. I attended PHUHS my junior and senior year and although I did enjoy my academic experience because I liked many of the teachers. I did not like the administration staff because they always seemed like they didn't really care about all students. One example could be bullying. Fortunately I was never bullied but I know people who had been and suffered for years and the school never did anything about it. They say they care about our safety and mental health but really it's all a show.
One thing I did like about the school is the faculty. I absolutely loved my science, history and English teachers, they were all so nice. And you could tell they really cared about the students learning and actually succeeding the class. I can definitely say I liked my experience here more than Tarpon Springs High School. PHUHS has a beautiful facility, very big and open.
The facilities are incredible, but the teachers – as a whole – hate being there more than the students do, and it really shows.
This school is an amazing high school with a great campus and ever better staff. The teachers provide fun yet rigorous courses.
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Palm Harbor University High School is a great school in which has a lot to offer. This school has some great teachers who care about their students and how they are doing in school. The courses and they way the teachers taught their courses was so good and informative. Also the school is so great with seniors and making sure they go to college.
I enjoy the rigor of the IB program at Palm Harbor University High School and the passion of the teachers for the subjects they teach. I appreciate the willingness of most teachers to help their students succeed. There are a variety of extracurricular activities but I wish there was greater advertisement for the less known clubs. I also wish the school honored the achievements of their students more with recognition events.
very good education with very hands on activities that engage students only thing I would change would be the students involved with disciplinary action
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