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The middle school/high school facility is dirty and dumpy. Communication with parents is non-existent. They sometimes have no teacher for a subject and have substitutes for months at a time and do not advise parents until after the teacher leaves when the teacher has deficient credentials. The air conditioning smells moldy. The lunchroom that they use for meetings is never clean. Administration does not seem to care. Sometimes classrooms are overcrowded, having more than 25 students in a classClassrooms are too small. Desks are very dirty as if they never get cleaned. Kids carry huge backpacks around because there is no storage for them. Making administration aware of bad situations does not get the situation fixed. Even the nurses bathroom smells awful. I attempted to contact the Board of Directors, administration did not forward my complaint. In my opinion it needs a lot of work.
My family was referred to the school by a public school district teacher. My student has thrived and scores have consistently improved. My student has received state recognition for the improvement in standardized score. We have recommended the school to other families who are pleased with the school also.
Great school! Warm, caring teachers and so much hands-on science experiences. We love going with our kids on all the field trips. Dad loved Gumbo Limbo and I loved Loggerhead Marine Life. Transportation is fantastic too.
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My daughter just graduated kindergarten at this wonderful school. She had a fantastic year. Her teacher was warm, caring and patient. She loved the marine themed field trips and she learned so much! I’m so proud of her progress!
I love this school! My four children have gone here since kindergarten. I feel they are very safe here. Both campuses have full time armed guards and there are cameras throughout the campuses.

The kids go on many amazing field trips each year. My Middle School kid goes shark tagging with the University of Miami and snorkeling in the keys with the school. The little ones do lots of hands-on-science. They have fun while learning about oceans and nature.

It's a great school!
My son started in Kindergarten and is now in 9th grade. He loves PBMA. We had the oppertunity to move to other High Schools in the area but insisted he want to grudate from PBMA!
I like that PBMA is a small school. The classes are pretty easy and since its a small school the classes are small as well making it feel like you get one on one time with the teacher if you do not understand something. I would like to see a few change for example I liked how this year they finally let us wear jeans any day of the school week. There are a few rules that do complete make sense. I feel like the school should give the upper class men more privileges. I would also like some more school spirit. PBMA doesn't really excite the students with anything. Pep rallies would be great, more clubs and sports.
while i was at the school they were pretty good about these tings even though we didn't have many accidents concerning this
i would recommend this school for other students because you not only get a god education but you can have fun while doing so.
i loved attending this school because he teachers are very helpful and approachable. they want to see you succeed and do the very best you can and just knowing that makes you want to work harder.
Teachers generally give students busy work rather than material that would enhance their learning.
This school does not even have security cameras at the middle school. In this day and age when safety should be a top priority, this is appalling.
This school is underperforming. The staff appear disinterested. The principal is a bully. If education is important, do not send your child here.
Every time I've had to go to the school, teachers were screaming at the kids. I spoke the the principal Mrs. Turchiaro about my concerns she brushed me off and asked me to leave. I tried to speak to asst. principal Mr. Boffice, who said "she can be a bully sometimes." Needless to say nothing was resolved.
we didn't have anything at our school. The school was in a shopping plaza.
As far as safety is concerned, the school was pretty weak. Never saw an officer around. And there was one incident where there was a young lady at the school who seemed to always get into trouble at the school. When one of my friends got into with her, we notified the staff and they suggested we not get into with her. Seemed to me they were more concerned about no upsetting her than keeping the students as a WHOLE safe.
As a black woman, I never had an issue with race at this school.
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