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It's not bad school, I mean it's pretty cool as far as high schools go. The math department could use a lot of improving, and of course we have a few teachers who should probably rethink their decision of having a career surrounded by students all day. But there are some really great teachers that make it worth it, and the friends you make help make school more bearable. And the drama organizations put on cool productions, there are over 100 clubs with tons of different activities to join, and there are a ton of sports - which is cool. It's not perfect, but it grows in you.
The best way to describe Pali is that is the epitome of a modern teen high school movie. It is obvious several key admins do not know how to connect to students, yet believe they can (or they just flat out do not try). Many teachers and admin love what they do, and students can unlock potential when paired correctly. However, many students do not get paired correctly, and they feel left in the dust, and as if their school doesn't truly care about their academic growth. The principal seems to be a mere figurehead while the Assistant Principals do the dirty work. No students go to sporting events other than football, and there is a culture of white privilege, racism, and homophobia embedded in the student community. There are many instances of hope and joy while at Pali, but several recurring instances of shame and sorrow. Mental health is not paid enough attention one bit. However, students can find places to blossom, but they are left to do that themselves.
I’ve been attending Palisades Since I was a freshman. Overall , my experience was good regarding education and learning.
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It is a good school, but there has been a fair share of racial issues over the years I've been here. But I have had a good experience with all the teachers I've had, except for a couple of math teachers; we don't have the best math program, but we do have a couple of teachers that get the job done. Overall the staff is good and they work hard to bring the Pali community together.
I had the best high school experience. Pali offered me the classic high school memories I saw in movies, in addition to the opportunity to get involved in any activities or programs I would find myself interested in. If there was anything I wanted to explore that didn't already exist, it was easy to start it. I felt it was the perfect balance of a fun "party" school and academically ahead of the curve as well.
It was a nice school I enjoyed it.Although,the math department isn't so good.They need some help with that.Although,there sports are good.Very good football,basketball,surf,baseball and track team.
I believe an experience at this high school is very different. Although it can be difficult to handle as kids, the lifestyle exposes young adults to very maturing experiences and situations. However, the school does tend to have an issue with control over their students. Students tend to overlook authority at this school and, although the issue has been somewhat solved, they are still facing difficulties with the more rebellious students at the school.
Palisades Charter High School is a well developed charter high school. It is a very good school because it provide a safe place for students to feel comfortable and a really great education.
I liked the sense of a non-competitive environment, it felt like the teachers and counselors really cared about me, and I did not feel pressured to take on difficult classes I could not handle. If I could, I would improve the math program, and allocate more funding to performing arts and transportation.
My experience at Pali was great! I transferred my sophomore year and I knew absolutely no one and I automatically felt welcomed.
Being a student a Palisades Charter High School was such an amazing experience. It is such a unique, independent school. I loved the culture too it was very freeing to be in such an accepting community. However, I would change the math program because it was not very helpful and left a lot of students hanging without help from any of the numerous, bad teachers.
The school's administration has been running the budget into the ground in the past year or two, but other than that it's a great school, with a lot of student (2300+) and a lot of diversity. There are lots of arts and science facilities and the sports teams are very good. The teachers are good all around except for in the math department.
I have had a pretty good experience at Palisades Charter High School. I have encountered discrimination and racist white people, but, I overcame those challenges. Despite the negative things, I was able to get a great education at Palisades. The teachers make sure the students are always prepared and helps as much as they can for their students. I also, have participated in a play and in multiple dance shows which was the best thing I could ever do. The performing arts has been the biggest highlight for me. I would like for the school to more diverse because sometimes I am the only black student in the class and that is very uncomfortable.
Great school and culture, I grew a lot as a person and had every resource to succeed. I did not feel hindered at all by attending.
Although the Math department isn't the best at this school there are still multiple resources that help you understand the subject. The culture there is very friendly. There are many school wide events that promote unity among the students.
I love Pali High. It is a big school, which is beneficial because you have the opportunity to make plenty of friends and be involved with many different friend groups. There are also always SO many activities going on every day, and you could basically participate in any sport you wanted or theatre group etc. There are hundreds of clubs, and it is VERY easy to make your own if you wanted! The teachers want what's best for you and prepare you very well to pass the class.
Most amazing high school experience. The school has so many different students that everyone is able to find a group. Teachers, for the most part, are amazing and care about the students. So happy I went to this highschool.
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I went to the middle school feeder school for this high school so most of the kids from the middle school I attended, ended up going to the same high school. This could be considered a blessing or a curse but I found it to be a blessing because all of my friends went to the high school. I think the facilities are a lot better than the average public schools in Los Angeles, as they are usually very clean and overall a nice experience. The experience in each class will, of course, depend on the teacher but I think the teachers are mostly qualified to work with high school students and are good at what they do.
At Palisades Charter High School, I was offered many opportunities in athletics, clubs, and other experiences. In academics, while there are many extremely qualified teachers, some are incredibly incompetent and hurt the caliber of the school.
I definitely wouldn't have chosen any other school to go to. I transferred from a really bad school and was surprised by how much I was able to adapt. Its a beautiful school with many opportunities to get involved (protests almost every semester lol), very active student body, and famous people film there sometimes? cant get better than that.
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