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This school can be an okay experience as long as you grow up in it. There is a lot of prejudice against white kids which I understand because of the history surrounding what had happened to the Hawaiians and the islands.
At Pahoa High and Intermediate School, I enjoy how the school is very little. This makes it so that every person knows everybody at the school, which makes the school feels like a big family. However, I do believe that the school could improve on management, more specifically, fund management. The school must focus funds on matters that are most pressing.
Pahoa High and Intermediate School is a very diverse and unique school where students are able to excel in their studies.
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I would like to see a tremendous change in school lunches, more clubs/activities, and a change in coaching for sports.
When I moved there for me was new, there has only School shirt, other than that nothing. It was kind of weird to me but it was pretty decent, there has rules to follow and secure. They are all nice, they make sure you are involve in every class, academics they will help you if you are struggling to your classes and help you to pursue and get through with it! They teach the best they can and make sure you are on the same page.
Attending this school was pretty sub par experience. This school has not given me opportunities to succeed, barely any clubs and have terrible coaches, the coaches are actually related to the athletic director and not actual professional or at least experienced coaches. Most of the teachers complain about the students, while others have favoritism with the bad students just because they are related in some way. This school always has no money for activities for the students or to announce any events that is going to happen. Whenever I represent my school at games or events, I feel embarrassed because people look at the team and me differently compared to other schools. I also hate that we have the title of "The most dangerous school in the state."
What I love about Pahoa High and Intermediate school is it’s diversity and it’s automatic open arms for anyone enrolled. This school is small but everyone there is treated like Ohana. In Hawaii Ohana is very special and important. Being treated like family by people who you don’t know is a common occurrence in this school. You feel safe and comfortable with everyone.
I went to Pahoa from Kindergarten to 12th grade. When I was in high school, the counselor did not provide any guidance, except, just get a job when you graduate. Well I did "get" several jobs. I worked for the HAVO National Park for a year, went to Hilo Comm. Coll. for 1 year and quit to become a HCPD police officer for 4 years. I then became a HCFD Firefighter/MICT for 9 years and continued to go to UH-Hilo. I became a RN and quit the Fire Dept to become a physician. You are in control of your destiny. If you have the inner drive, you can accomplish almost anything set your mind to do. Remember this, you can choose to improve yourself and get ahead or you can blame everything else of why you cannot succeed. The choice is yours to make and your determination will help you flourish. Louis Pau, MD Class of 1981
What I liked about Pahoa High and Intermediate school is how dedicated students and school activity teachers are towards making events that involve engagement between students and faculty members as well.
Pahoa High and INtermediate school is a well diversed school with a range of ages for students. Considering being an intermediate school as well as a high school, students are able to connect with others of different ages and have an amazing learning experience.
Pahoa is a poor yet affordable city and the lack of finances reflects on Pahoa's school and education severely. I am a 16 year old graduate of Pahoa Intermediate High School class of 2019 who is now attending HCC, and before you think "Wow pahoa isn't so bad after all, look how she turned out!" let me tell you a little about the environment and community and why it deeply stunted my education. Pahoa High has many major issues which is why it earned the title from the locals of "Crappiest School on the Island", from consist fights, to a dangerously high amount of drug use among both the youth and adults, to even overwhelming bullies among the peers. Pahoa is absolutely not the place to raise your children if you want them to have prospering drug free and unaffected education. Keep in mind I graduated early to get far away from that awful place and now I live in Kona!
My experience at Pahoa high and intermediate was not terrible but could have been better. I had a good friend group the teachers were not terrible. However, we did have to split the school up because of a lava flow so half of my friends had to move schools. The lunch at Pahoa high school was terrible it looked gross it tasted even worse. I wish the school lunches had had more fruits like pineapples or papaya from local farms. There where not a lot of clubs one time I wanted to join a club called SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving ) I asked around and they said some people said never heard of the club. My overall evaluation of my experiences at Pahoa high and intermediate was not terrible but it could have been better.
The abhorrent and neglectful management of the school has made a good chunk of the school inaccessible to the students. The gym is currently unusable and the fields surrounding the locker rooms are completely overgrown and fenced off from the students. Decisions regarding the students--which are more often than not detrimental to students' health and work ethic (e.g only allowing students to eat lunch during one of their breaks, putting lunch in the later part of their extended schedules, etc.)--are made without consulting either parents or students. The school's morale is at an all time low and quite frankly a joke compared to past years. A few saving graces that the school does have are the surprisingly large mass of dedicated and passionate teachers and faculty and the resilience of the students.
Attended this school for 6 years (intermediate and high school). Graduated rank 3/120. Went onto college right after. This is a small, close-knitted school that keeps everyone together and involved. Teachers are friendly and super supportive of students. Everyone becomes family here in this small town school. Very mixed multiracial school environment. Very diverse with student, staff, and faculty.
Would definitely recommend some improvements on buildings and facilities , available food items on campus, and the sports or extracurricular activities. More vending options of food would be nice. There aren't many clubs or activities that ocurr during or after school hours. Also only recently got a football team.
Pahoa's not a very big school. Sometimes its clam and sometimes it is not . I've attended pahoa since preschool till senior year and i'm still surviving.
In our school ranging from 7th-12 graders, we have under 600 students. Our school lost many of our prosperous students to Keaau High after the split due to the endangerment of the lava flow. While some of our students are well known academically, our athletes have a hard time being a team when not many students are willing to try out. Although our school is known for our fights, Pahoa is where we all grew up and our classmates are like our family members. I love our school but I wish we have a more diverse range of classes to let us explore our options. I also wish that we could improve the exterior part of our campus because students do not know how to respect our campus due to it's deteriorating outside.
Pahoa High and Intermediate School offers many opportunities for students to experience such as clubs they can partake in: Advancement Via Individual Determination, National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, etc. PHIS also offers sports (basketball, wrestling, paddling, and more) everyone can be a part of as long as they maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Moreover, students at PHIS can make friends with different types of people, being that Hawaii is one of the most diverse places. Attending PHIS since seventh grade till present, has been a great experience for me. Being in FFA, I was able to travel off island and go to Kaua'i with the Pahoa FFA Chapter for the FFA State Convention, which is a great first FFA experience. I have also been a part of the National Honor Society since my sophomore year for acquiring a GPA of 3.9. Also, as a member of the AVID Program, I learned many things, like skills or what to prepare for when going to a 4 year college or a university.
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My overall experience with Pahoa is that it is a great school. The students there are very welcoming and accepting of others and their choices. The staff probably isn't the best, but there are those teachers and faculty that you will love. The education there is good, but could be improved. How things are run can be improved also. I feel the principal should be removed and do a whole new system. Let the students also have a say a little in how things should go. Overall Pahoa is a good school, but there are things that could be changed such as removing the principal.
I've gone to Pahoa schools since I was in kindergarten, and now I'm a senior. 13 years, and I've listened to negative comments, scandalous headlines, and high doubts of the success of a Pahoa schools student. But, as a 13 year Dagger, I've also witnessed so much success. So much drive and determination in the hearts of my peers. Pahoa school is a good school with great teachers and resources for success.
Pahoa high and inter was a really well educated school. The school staff were always respectful and made sure the students felt comfortable with their surroundings. We had more classes a day than a school would usually have, but that was kind of the fun part about it. We spend an hour and 45 minutes in each class giving us enough time to learn a course while moving on the next class right after. Above all, breakfast and lunch were my favorite part of the day. If anything were needed to change I think it would have to be upgrading the classes with more fans or air conditioning for when outside becomes hotter than usual.
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