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Pacific Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School Reviews

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Pacific Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School has a God-centered education. Not only do they focus on academics, but I love that they always bring God into every subject just as it should be. During this "pandemic" the teachers are working overtime to make sure these kids have a proper education as well as give them rich truths from God's word to encourage their souls. There are several opportunities each week when students are encouraged to join in remote social platforms such as chapel, career talks, STEM clubs, etc.. which help to give them a sense of community. They are encouraged to think outside the box to find new ways to meet their social & emotional needs with new virtual clubs. This school is wonderful and although everyone has room to grow they give many opportunities for parents to give thoughts, opinions and suggestions with surveys and monthly parent meetings because every student, parent and staff matters. This I appreciate so much.
Good Christian based education. Adequate preparation for college and life skills. Excellent administration!
Great school! Great staff! Price is good. My son enjoys going to school everyday. Couldn't ask for a better school
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All of the staff is invested the the student. Very caring. Keeping the parent informed is a priority
Like the staffs and the education
It's close to the house
Office staff is nice and friendly
But I don't like the idea of paying if hours are not met
Pacific Lutheran Jr./Sr. High school offers a great opportunity students to obtain practical and relevant high school education at a reasonable cost. I am very happy with the ability of the school especially the principal to carry along the parents in molding the students' character. It is a great school.
We love this school and so glad we found it. Not only is the cost very reasonable, but the school community that is built around the students is welcoming. The staff is ready to respond to questions and concerns without hesitation. Would like to see more student involement with music and arts such as learning an instrument and/or drawing, painting, etc. Overall we are happy with Pac Lu!
Pac Lu is a pretty good school. My son was in two different school districts and he is excelling at Pac Lu because of the positive and God centered atmosphere. The teachers, staff and principal that I have encountered are all nice and very encouraging. I'm looking forward to my son continuing his education there.
My son is a 6th grader at Pacific Lutheran he loves it and so do i. The staff is welcoming and cares about the student's education. The small class size ensures that each student will receive the attention they need. The curriculum is challenging and Christ based. The staff is always available to assist the students and parents when needed.
Pacific Lutheran Jr/High has been a good fit for my son. He enjoys the fellow students and faculty. The principal, Mr. Fitzgerald displays a genuine concern for the students success. The school philosophy for teaching and learning are reasons we chose the school for our son.
PacLu has been a wonderful school with a family like environment for the kids. The staff sincerely care about the kids and their well-being. I feel completely comfortable knowing my child is safe and having fun at this drama free school.
Overall Pacific Lutheran Jr/Sr High promotes higher education and is Christ centered which proves to be a formula for a well rounded scholar!
Everyone in this school is nice and friendly. As an international student, I improved my English skills from talking to them. It is a nice school. Every teacher is patient!
The thing I liked most about Pacific Lutheran is the connection I can make with other students. Something I would like to change would be creating a nicer and more college ready environment by changing it's location and adding more classes such as Health and Performing Arts.
Pacific Lutheran Jr. High is a great private school. They offer small class sizes, a caring environment and the flexibility to meet any students needs. My 8th grade son had a phenomenal year. He had the opportunity to take high school Algebra and Biology in the 8th grade. Most schools do not offer this type of flexibility. My son also was given plenty of opportunities to be a leader, a team mate and student representative.
My daughter had grown up a lot from going to this school and I am proud to see how she has matured into a nice christian young woman.
Great leadership from Principal Fitzgerald and to the rest of the faculty! A christian school that provides an excellent academic program that prepares students for college.
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It was a great school that all teachers are helpful and faithful, and we actually getting along like friends.
Pacific Lutheran is am amzing school. The community of students is so welcoming and the faculty really do care about their students. I am so priveldged to go to a school where my teachers not only care about my academic health, but my mental health as well. Pacific Lutheran has prepared me for college. I am ready to face struggles inside the classroom and out. I cannot express my love and appriciation for this school more. It has given me a great high school experience that most do not get to have!
The safety standards are outlined in the student handbook and the parents and students are educated on the policies. Because of the accountability that the students and parents agree upon we have not had many safety issues.
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