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Pacific Law academy has been one of the best high schools I have gone to the teachers are great and have high expectations to see you succeed. The class sizes are 12-25 which gives you the opportunity to receive the help you need and one on one teacher support. I enjoy going to a small school with a friendly atmosphere. we also have a lot of fun activities that students may participate in either during lunch or on days that we have rallies and festivals.
I've been at PLA for all four years and I really enjoy it. The small school environment helps include all the kids. The teachers also have before and after school tutoring to help kids who may be falling behind. They may not have sports due to the lack of kids interested but the neighboring school offers sports for the kids who are interested.
Going to school there and is very fun, it is a small charter scholl with around 2 or 3 hundred students. The teachers give a student more attention than in a bigger high school and it is overall such a good place to be around. They focus a lot on the importance of going to college and have students take AP classes, they also do sign ups to take a college level course/class to start building up your college credits.
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Pacific Law Academy is a wonderful school and a stepping stone for college. The high school has excellent administrative small team. The teachers cares about the students and have weekly meetings to help the students that are struggling with their classes. Students who really wants to learn will be well prepared for the rigorous classes at UC Berkeley and other similar colleges. The school also offer sports opportunities through Stagg High school.
Pacific Law Academy is a charter high school that is preparing me for college and my academic future. With the small count of enrolled students, teachers provide their attention to every student in need of help.
Pacific Law Academy is overall a great school with college readiness aspects. With great academics and teachers ready to help with any problems.
What I like about my high school is that it is a small high school. All the students in the same class know each other and we have friends from all four grade levels. The teachers can give individual attention to students, and it is very helpful in class.
Pacific Law Academy is a small school, brimming with diversity. However, it is unfortunate that this diversity doesn't stem to classes and extracurricular activities. There were clubs, absolutely, but they are tethered loosely because of the lack of support from the school. The AP classes are wonderful if that's what you're looking for, but that is all you will find if you wish for a lax year, I'm afraid. The teachers have a lot of heart and because it is such a small school, you can build many personal relationships that will last.
The classes are challenging. Teachers at pacific Law are very helpful when it comes to understanding different subjects. At first i was over whelmed with all the work they were giving my but as time went by it got easier to understand, now I'm college ready, I feel confident going into college thanks to my teachers who prepared me. The school is small so more time for questions if you need it. We can wear almost anything we want. All staff is nice and makes high school fun. we have rallies and all kind of clubs you can join. the student are easy going and easy to talk to. If your looking for a school to college prep you this is the place for you.
Pacific Law Academy is a very excellent school and benefits anyone who attend it. Being a small charter school with only around 200 students attending, this campus does their best to help educate and better students' learning ability. With the small amount of staff this school has, the teachers and faculty work hard and give their time to be sure that each student gets the attention and educational help they need. We have many opportunities offered to students at this school and it has been beyond helpful. With the curriculum PLA holds for its students, it is a requirement for each student to take AP classes to graduate, giving all and every student the opportunity to receive college credit. This school is very high in their quality and is very friendly with each student, parent, and teacher. This school has begun very small when it was created 5 years ago, but with the great staff it holds, it has grown to be a very benefiting and outstanding campus.
I went to PLA all 4 years of high school. It is a small charter program with about 200 students. Almost all the teachers were really good. They got to know students, had high expectations, and were available to give extra help when needed. It shares some facilities with the comprehensive high school next door, and those who want to play sports can play on that high school's teams. To me, the worst thing was that they had NO music program and the schedules between the two schools did not align in a way that made it possible to take music . The student body was very diverse and there were some clubs on campus, but some of them were not very active. I can't say I enjoyed it, because I was working very hard to prepare for college. I do feel that I got a good education and was well prepared for the college I am attending now.
At Pacific Law Academy, students are able to join clubs and sports for extracurricular activities. The most popular clubs on campus are Key Club and our Hmong Club. These clubs are very fun to be apart of and have a lot of member in them. Students who choose to play a sport usually go to Football, Soccer, Track and Field, Swimming and Water Polo, and myself personally, I chose to play Tennis. All of these are great fun activities for the students at Pacific Law academy have available.
If I could relive high school all over again, I would not change the school. The small campus allows for forming closer connections to teachers, staff, and of course the other students. We are basically a family. And as a small, growing school, its events are very fun to spend time with close friends.
The teachers at Pacific Law Academy all care about every student who goes to their school. Their goal is for all of their students to graduate and attend a four-year college, college-ready. The teachers are all willing to spend extra time if you need it and will assist you just about anything at school. All of their teaching styles are unique however they each get their lesson across clearly and easily.any student who is willing to work hard and learn will only benefit from learning from the teachers at Pacific Law Academy.
The parents are not involved enough within the education of their child, as well as other children. Most parents only are involved when it comes to sports.
I belieber that the teacher are for the most part passionate and enthusiastic about what the are teaching.
The school has very little in the way of arts programming, just drama, no music or art classes. The rest of the program is solid. Students are expected to take Honors and AP classes and are encourages to take the AP tests. The teachers of these courses do a very good job. This year the test fees were subsidized by the school, which helped a lot. They do have a couple of classes which emphasize law, and the mock trial team does well in competitions. The workload is challenging if a student wants to do well.
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This is a small school, so there aren't enough teachers to be advisors for many clubs. Some of the clubs my son started to do have not been very active. There are occasional dances and rallies, but not a lot of extra-curricular activity. They are a charter school, without their own sports program, but can play for their "home" high school, which is next door.
The teachers are good at teaching their respective subjects. They care about the students and have pushed my son to be his best. They are available after school or at lunch to help when needed. They have responded to my communications consistently.
I love my school it's bee diverse and doesn't judge it your any other raise or not as intelligent as the smartest person in the class
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