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Pace Academy is a great school and they give you a high level education and hands on experience with the real world. The doors that have been opened for me by going to Pace are exceptional and I would recommend anyone take the chance and go if given the opportunity.
Some teachers at Pace Academy are absolutely fantastic, most facilities are gorgeous, and there are a lot of opportunities considering it's such a small school. Those are basically the only nice things I can say about Pace.

The fog of anxiety, depression, pressure, and judgement suffocates the environment. The kids are clingy and faultfinding. Anywhere there is a culture of casual suicide talk and normalized mental health issues, get out. The arrogant culture here will rot any once good apples. Send your kid here if you want them to truly hate their life, suck the fun out of everything they encounter, and become so entranced by perfection culture that they forget it's the law to stop for pedestrians.

The college counseling office is more overrated than the tv show Friends.
AP classes should be offered during underclassmen years, but the administration forces kids to cram 10 AP classes into two school years.

Superb teachers, couple of them probably could be college professors. They really make sure you have access to the best of the best, from abroad opportunities, facilities, food, etc. Academics can get very competitive, and it can get very tough, but it really prepares you for college. Another important note: in my experience, since it is a smaller school, it is relatively easier to get accepted to top colleges (when compared to peer schools that are bigger) because you are competing with less people.
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Pace had been perfect for me. It has everything that I need in a school and even more that i never knew i needed. I came to Pace as a freshman and compared to my previous school, it has been incredible. I truly feel that I have a family at Pace. I genuinely enjoy waking up early in the morning to see my peers and teachers. I’m very proud to be a Pace Knight!!

The academics are challenging at first but Pace genuinely provides resources to succeed and I have improved greatly because of it.

The school spirit is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s incredible how proud the students and teachers are of their school. A Pace favorite is Spirit Week, a competition of spirit between the grades. It includes dancing, creativity, painting, and is a great bonding experience for all.

I would highly recommend Pace to any artistically or athletically inclined students. Pace is the best fit for hard workers who want to fully take advantage of all the opportunities Pace has to offer.
I loved my experience at Pace Academy. I was able to explore all of my academic and artistic interests. Also, the College Office is incredible and helped me get into the school of my dreams.
My experience at Pace has truly been one of a kind. From the teachers to the students, you can truly feel the love around you. No matter where you turn, you know someone is looking out for you and rooting for you to succeed. Most students cannot say that about their school, but I am proud that I am able to. It truly makes all the difference.
There are so many opportunities afforded to students of all backgrounds to learn, grow, and improve their skills whether that be academically, athletically, or musically. The teachers are very doting and they care about each individual's performance both in and out of the classroom. While it is still lacking in diversity, the administration and the student body make a conscious effort to make sure people from all backgrounds feel appreciated, included and seen.
I attended a few schools growing up, both in the north and the south (and both public / private).

Any negative reviews are the exception, not the rule - I went from a school with a mantra that made it seem like they would "let the kids fend for themselves and focus on bringing out the best only in the very best" to "lets motivate every kid be their best self" at Pace. If I had stayed at the former, I never would've been accepted to the variety of colleges that I was, and I never would've reached my full potential. That difference alone is huge, and it doesn't even touch upon Pace's very inclusive student culture, comprehensive college-ready classes, exceptional teachers (who had passions' that rivaled my Ivy-league college professors'), great sports programs, and diverse club/art opportunities.

I understand it's pricey and hard to get in, but if you can - attend Pace. I know my future kids will.
Pace is a joyless environment where learning is a chore, where assignments and tests are endlessly piled on, where students struggle to keep up, and where teachers are drill sergeant-like martinets. Do not believe it when you hear from school leadership that Pace wants students to value learning for its own sake or have time to reflect on accomplishments. The academic program seems set up primarily to prove that Pace can be as tough as any top school, almost as if the place is insecure and feels it has something to prove. The result is a stress culture and a conformity culture. Finally, do not be fooled when you see the college counseling list of students going to Ivy League universities or facsimiles. Nearly all of those who do are recruited athletes or legacies. Don't even get me started on just how much this school cares about sports--maybe more than academics?
Pace is great for academics and most definitely prepares you for college. While Pace tries to emphasize their fine arts, it's not as heavily emphasized as sports are. This school has been perfect for me and I've made some really good friends there, while also being prepared to be an adult in college.
The best school in the world! The students and teachers are the best of the best. I am so lucky that I have been able to attend this incredible school!
Extremely competitive with some great teachers and some not so great. Semi-toxic environment. Good arts program and college preparation. jump from middle school to high school is very tough. The cafeteria is ,y favorite part of Pace, great food and plenty of options.
Teachers are amazing. They really care and make sure to ensure your success. They pull the best out of you.
Pace is an amazing school where the teachers are brilliant and always looking out for and pushing the students to do their best. They have taught me so much, and I don't know where I'd be without them! Truly prepping me for everything, the work is vigorous but also very interesting. There are so many clubs and sports teams that everyone should be able to find a group of people and/or cause that they enjoy. The social situation can be very challenging for some, but others have no issues at all. It is definitely the best socially out of all the Buckhead private schools.
Due to the nature of my husband's job, we have moved several times. My daughter has attended both public and private schools in a few different states. Pace Academy is by far the best school she has ever attended! We have been so impressed with Pace, and the students were so kind and welcoming when my daughter joined the class last year. I would highly recommend Pace if you're looking for a private school in the Atlanta area.
Quite simply, the quality of the experience is so good for my family I'd be willing to pay double if I could.
Highly qualified teachers. Administration is very conscientiousness of students' needs. Top-notch sport coaches, facilities, and equipment. Since it's such a small school, everyone knows each other and there's a since of unity and closeness. The school also focuses heavily on developing the student not just from an academic standpoint, so there are many non-academic resources and assemblies that really are mind-opening.
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I was involved in an accident in 2015. I was hospitalized for 6 weeks and returned to school shortly after Thanksgiving. The teachers worked with me endlessly and I eventually made up all of my work from that fall semester and got to have a fresh start going into the spring semester. Overall, Pace has been really good to me.
I have been at Pace 3rd through 12th grade and I’ve had an incredible experience. The faculty always make themselves avaliable to you and are very helpful. Also, the students are very inclusive and welcoming towards newcomers.
The Pace Academy community was like a family. My experience has prepared me to take full advantage of all the opportunities in my future. The teachers really care about me and my college counselors have helped me find options I know I will love.
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