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Something I really enjoy about the school was that teachers really care about the students future. They would make sure that students are going to college. Something I’ll like to see change is the violence. Have everyone be more united.
i would like better food but that an overall campus issue but the school is very good and you can start to earn college credits as soon as your a 10th grader
I joined the school as a junior. Honestly it was great experience in that School. I had max help from all my teachers speacially my principal. My principal and the assiantan principal they helped me understand what's college, how to pay, where to go and everything. We kids think they not helpful. It's wrong, it's all about us to have responsibility and go ask them. We ask they will never fail to help us and I'm talking with great experience. My US history teacher was the best, he didn't just help me with the subject, he helped me solve all my issues. My school helped me with a summer job too, they helped me apply to college, financial aid and Everything. It's tough to Graduate within just 2 years of school but i did with the help of my school staff. Kids in school were really Chill and helpful. There weren't much violence. Over all I really like my high school and I really miss them now.
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Overall, it was a great school for what it was. I attended through a separate program at P12x and graduated at the top of my class in 2014. The education and college readiness was average but the teachers were unforgettable.
What I specifically like about pablo neruda academy is the fact the teachers treat you like your there own , they look at you like family they care for you like family , you can push them away but they will go the extra mile to care for you , help you and take care of you .
The health and safety in are school its okay. They prevent students to bring in dangerous weapons but many kids find there way to bringing it in school.
In PNA there's different types of clubs, and if you don't seem to like any you can always make a club on your own with permission. The clubs in PNA are very active like youth court and basketball.
The teachers at my school are caring, helpful, knowledgeable and very understanding.
It's a good school but should add more "real life experience" classes like drivers Ed, personal finance & etc.
I made a lot of great friends during my high school career here. I also encountered many dedicated teachers that I do not think I would've met anywhere else. I feel the same way about my very close friends that I stay in contact with to this day.
The school had very limited options, the amount per student was very limited, and the quality was bad. The time to eat was about average, but it was a lengthy line to access the food.
The admins were somewhat engaged with students.
Students were supportive of the school teams, but not supportive of the school community as a whole!
Many of the teachers that taught me while I was a student at Pablo Neruda Academy were available for me to speak with after class and even after school. This helped me develop a strong relationship with several teachers that lasted through out my entire High School career. These teachers and others, I noticed, were always more engaged with their students than the job required. I can testify to this as they helped me through several hardships that I experienced while attending PNA. The advice received kept my younger self awake and alert. Without the dedication from these teachers my high school experience would've been a much darker and difficult one. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the administration.
I am giving the programs an "okay" rating ONLY because of the extreme dedication of some teachers, coaches and other staff members to student improvement. Many of the teachers that I encountered were willing to invest more time into the programs, all in the name of the students. Improving student teacher relationships and the quality of education available to the students that were willing to invest themselves. The quality was never very high to begin with!
I felt that soon after graduation I lacked a compass. In the sense that even though I knew what career I wanted to pursue, I did not know what steps to take. Even though my High School had a system in place for preparing students for the "college life" it wasn't thorough or effective. I say this because few students took the recommended steps and chose not to apply themselves. Even after going through the steps, I felt as if nothing good came from it!

I believe that many more things can be done to prepare students and parents alike for college planning!
Most of the teachers in my school are friendly and they help you with anything you need or struggle with. Also they encourage the students to be the best and they prepare you for your life in college and outside of school.
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Theres a lot of clubs and activity in my school that is helpful for each of the students in pablo neruda. I think that it is well organize and it encourage people to be active and participate in a lot of things
The academics are pretty good. Our teachers challenge us.
I think my school is okay, but it could be better. Our teachers are amazing, they go above and beyond for us. The school itself, with its activities and programs need work.
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