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I liked how Oxnard High School has all support systems that every student needs but they should be able to plan events without it affecting anybody else's schedules.
Oxnard High School is a diverse school and what i love is that AP teachers are serious about the course and truly help students out. I would love to see the CP teachers help more students out.
As a senior in Oxnard High School I enjoyed my experience while attending the school. It is an overall safe place for students to learn, and prepare for college/university.
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Math teachers were mostly bad for some reason. Lots of weed smells in the bathrooms. But it was the best highschool around and had so much good spirit.
Oxnard high school is a very diverse and embracing school. There is a lot of fun clubs and people. My experience in high school so far has been good, it was a little difficult freshman yer to find friends but eventually I found the right people and they embraced me into their friend group. The teachers are usually helping and friendly, depending on who you get as your teacher. They definitely have high expectations of you, but it's because they want you to succeed. What I would want to change is have the counselors reach out more to their students, because if you don't reach out or ask they won't either.
oxnard high school has a handful of outstanding teachers that push you to do your best and really care for your success and future
There have been some issue regarding the facilities. The school is sometimes low on budget so it is not the most extravagant place to be at, but their sports teams are coming up strong with water polo, girls soccer winning CIF this year.
Oxnard High School is like almost any highschool. The administration us so lack luster that the small decisions they make to 'improve' the school are sadly insignificant and almost laughable. OHS teachers vary, some are powerpoint teachers who teach you nothing and a few of them have reinvigorated my love of learning. A love that was almost destroyed by the horrid leviathan called the education system. I can't completely fault Oxnard Highschool, they're not the reason the education system is like this. Our district's response to covid19 demonstrated it's weakness and lack of direction and I hope that despite the budget cuts that OHS and Oxnard School District will realize their errors. The Oxnard community is worthy and intelligent no matter what people may believe. I have been locked in commradery with some of the most kind and intelligent human beings Oxnard has to offer. I know they will continue on to do great things.
OHS is a great place to be. A wide variety of courses, academic levels, friend groups, sports, etc. There’s a place for everyone.
Oxnard High School provided a very upbeat, comfortable learning space. I really appreciate the teachers providing so much support to their students. There is really no negative energy. The teachers are very funny, and I felt comfortable with them and their teaching styles. There is always activities, and different events going on which makes school more fun. Always had a very nice environment, with a lot of support. Also, having a college and career center I feel has really enhanced the reputation of our school. A lot of the students are very nice, and also are willing to help whether it be towards staff, or peers. Attending Oxnard High School for four years now has really been a great experience. From our sports programs to the multiple different clubs provided. There is more than enough to do at OHS. Every time I hear information about another school, nobody can compare to Oxnard High School.
Oxnard High School is undoubtedly survived by a few hard working staff. These few staff member do their absolute best to make the school a better place and make everyone feel involved and welcomed. However, they cannot fully compensate for the mass of the staff, who seemingly do not care about their jobs. The staff is horrible at collaborating and communicating with each other, as well as making decisions. Many teachers are incapable of connecting with their students through teaching and seem to have given up rather than looking for ways to improve.
The campus is rather interesting. On one half, the artwork and murals everywhere are beautiful and make the campus seem far more welcome. On the other half, the staff decided the best solution for vaping in the bathrooms was to lock the majority of the bathrooms. Averaging about 1 set of open male/female bathrooms per 1,000 students, the bathrooms are also often missing soap/paper towels and have broken door locks.
The clubs, my peers and most of my teachers made coming to this school worth it. The events may not have always been the best but the environment and effort made for every event definitely helped. The academies were also very fun to participate in as you got to see your peers and get closer to them over the years, as we all had most of the same classes together.
Oxnard High School is a very tight knit school that includes all sorts of people and make them feel welcomed. They are LGBTQ friendly and make sure their voices are heard. OHS also has amazing school spirit that is almost unbeatable by any of the surrounding schools. This school cares for their students, their safety and the success of every individual no matter race, religion or age. They invest a lot of time and money into fun events like school dances, rallies and sporting events to make sure all the students enjoy their four years here.
I like the environment of Oxnard high school since every other student that I have met has been very welcoming and friendly.
I had a great time at Oxnard High School, from sports to clubs, I had a very memorable time. Sadly, I am not able to experience the unforgettable parts such as graduation and senior activities like going to Disneyland or Six Flags but OHS will forever have a special place in my heart. As a student-athlete, it was very easy to find my place on the campus. Being an athlete instantly welcomed you into a great, diverse group of people, but there's a place for everyone. The environment of OHS made classes and everything around them that much better.
This was a great high school to attend and was overall a very well rounded school. I received a good education that left me feeling prepared for college.
My experience at Oxnard High School has been a pretty average experience for a high school student. The issues I’ve had in my time in high school have had nothing to do with the school directly. Oxnard has been almost my get away place, when I’m having trouble at home or personally, I tell myself it’ll get better once I get to school.
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While I was at Oxnard high school I thoroughly enjoyed the soccer program where I was able to create strong bonds with certain teammates and the students in my class were very welcoming and easy to interact with. The school has a wonderful AVID program which is a large part of why I did so well in my classes and helped me stay on track for graduation. The academics were fairly good, I had one or two teachers that didn't feel to be well suited for teaching the subject but for the most part I really enjoyed learning there.
I liked the expressive concern for student safety but the restrooms are never open and the ones that are need more stalls
My experience with this high school has always been very warming and welcoming. Once stepping inside the school, there are positivity posters and a ray of good people greeting you. What I love about my school is that I always able to be myself and not have my opinions be suppressed. What I would hope to a change in the relationship between student and counselor.
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