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Oxford Preparatory Academy - South Orange County Reviews

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Throught my experience at Oxford, I really loved the motivation they influenced towards the students. I love how the staff is very kind. I personally believe there is nothing that should be changed.
Great environment. Very passionate teachers. The curriculum is very strong. Kids are expected to work. Great discipline.
It is a very diverse school, filled with students from a variety of different cultures, ethnicities and religions. I would like to see it have a fence around the school as anyone can enter the school campus by walking onto the property. In this day and age this is concerning and I wish there was a way to be able to keep people from entering. The school does require anyone entering into the campus to sign in and have a visitors badge. The staff is caring and always ready to help both parents and kids in need. I would like to see more of an art program. Currently the art curriculum and instruction is completely parent run. The parents do an amazing job putting this together and the kids are able to learn art history as well . However it is concerning because some classes that do not have parents step up to participate will sometimes be left out for lack of volunteer. It is nice to see many parents contributing to the school by volunteering or financially.
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I have really enjoyed being a parent of a few students at OPA-SOC. Given the current circumstances I am unable to help in their classes as I used to love volunteering. The teachers are great, the campus is safe and I love that each class is a university, it gives the kids a feel for college.
Overall, my experience has been great! The teachers are very good and we are always learning new things.
There are many little things about Oxford that add up, making this school such a wonderful choice for my son. I like the diversity, the interesting and well rounded curriculum and the teachers are just wonderful!
Appreciate that the administration and teachers are very accessible, dedicated and enthusiastic.
My son spent 6th grade in a different public middle school where he excelled academically, but also wasn’t challenged in some subjects. The social environment was OK, but not a match for the type of community he had previously been a part of, which was an excellent public charter K-4 in the SF Bay Area.
I felt a smaller community would allow for greater safety, academic attention, and ability to experience quality social connection and friendship, even virtually. The pandemic led me to initially enroll him in the new IS (Independent Study) program which we were very happy with. Shortly into the year, he was offered a seat based placement and we transferred. He is very happy with his teachers and the curriculum. He has said every peer he has met is kind and takes pride in their studies. We are extremely grateful to have found and be part of the OPA community.
I feel so honored to be part of the OPA FAMILY. Knowing our children’s education will be provided by such a caring, upbeat group of professionals is so important as a parent. We tell ALL of our parent friends about OPA and our wonderful teachers and staff!
It’s a wonderful experience with great enrichment programs, my daughter learned two languages ( Chinese and Spanish) next to Farsi and English that she’s fluent. She had martial art for physical exercise which encouraged her now she is excited to attend karate. Great academic base to the point she’s motivated to become scientist wants to attend great schools which I don’t even know their names. Her self confidence and compassion to help others grew tremendously after attending OPA. I forgot to mention her marching bands with excellent teachers. I can’t say enough but I know for sure it’s even better than many private schools that we tried.
They have great staffs, great vibe and motivation for learning. I just can’t say enough...thank you OPA-SOC.
My son has been with OPA-SOC since 2019 when he was a Kindergarten student. We like the very dedicated teachers and staff, and the loving and caring environment of this campus. My son has grown a lot academically and personally. I haven't seen a whole lot of Clubs and Activities available yet (only two/three) probably because of the age/grade my son is in. The facility is a bit older too so I gave only 4 stars. Hope it helps!
I had two boys attend school at OPA-SOC and I wholeheartedly recommend this school! The educational philosophy they adhere to, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, is top notch. My boys were exposed to and developed strengths in multiple learning and teaching methods, which has sent them off to their next schools extremely well prepared. They were challenged academically and supported emotionally by their teachers, the support staff, and their peers. I am grateful for the time my boys got to spend at OPA-SOC and I feel that they are better from having been there.
Fabulous teachers and administration! This is our ninth year at the school and we would not want our children’s elementary and middle school years to be at any other school. The academics are rigorous and help prepare the kids for high school and beyond.
Oxford has been great especially with all the transitions and changes due to Covid. Their ability to adapt and provide an outstanding education regardless of what has happened is amazing. They are great and provide what my son needs for a great education
Oxford Preparatory Academy South Orange County is a fantastic school. The teachers and staff are friendly and kind. We have been there for over 7 years and it's like they are our extended family. The school offers many different types of enrichment programs to suit the uniqueness of each child including sports, band, chess club, and ASB. The curriculum is rigorous and engaging. The test scores speak for themselves.
Even during a pandemic, Oxford Preparatory hasn't missed a beat. They have utilized technology and the love of the kids to continue teaching the kids. There is a genuine love of the students and a desire to help them succeed from everyone at OPA.
I am very pleased with OPA, their academics, the second language, music, projects, band, and extra curricular programs are awesome. Before OPA we had our kids in a project based charter school and the academics were horrible, there was a lack of everything. We have being at OPA -SOC now for 4 years and was the best decision we ever made for our children. The parents are very involved, the teachers do a excellent job teaching and keep students engaged, the on going communication we have with teachers is excellent. My kids love the school and their teachers.
More parents pull their kids out, then stay. Majority of the founding parents have walked away. Great concept, some great teachers, too much corruption and politics. The Administration has been Shady with money and rule following. It just wasn't worth it. If you are one of the parents who are on the inside, things will be great. If you're not, you likely won't have a say in protecting your child should they need to be. Luckily, I was involved and favored. But I just couldn't stomach watching others get bullied.
I have no information to share about OPA, except I really like compared to other schools. I also really like about how much we learn there, and the experience, but sometimes it's a little boring.
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I was very pro "OPA" and worked hard to get my son into this school. He attended OPA from 2nd to 5th. For the most part, the academics are very good. Although I'm not sure how they pull that off since every year they have teachers leave the first couple of weeks of school. We started in OPA - SOC's second year. I got to know many of the founding parents, I was very involved. To date, I know more families who have left than have stayed (and this is not due to their children aging out of the school). I can only speak for myself as to why we left. My son was being bullied, no physically but some severe emotional bullying, it was affecting him greatly. I had meetings, I brought in doctor's letters (psychiatrist). I quoted the charter, nothing was done. The school did not seem to care about my son. They are not bad people but with dealing with the founder ripping off the school, the constant teacher turn-over etc. There is no time to deal with problems.
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