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Oxford Academy is a rigorous school with amazing opportunities. I am a young high school student who took the business pathway, and am in the FBLA club. I got into State for this years section conference and I am super excited. The teachers are well educated, and work extra hard because all of the students do their homework. All of the students are driven, passionate, and ambitious.
It’s a very small community and you’ll get to know everyone in your grade. If you like that, then it’s a school for you. It is very challenging and rigorous. If you have trouble being self motivated and struggle with studying, it’s definitely a hard school to be in. Overall though it gave me a lot of opportunities to grow and discover the things I like. There’s a ton of ways to discover your passions at Oxford which is really cool!
I really like how close all the students are and how wonderful the clubs are. The club meetings are very fun to attend, as well as there is a great environment.
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Loved it here! It's challenging in a lot of different ways and not that ethnically diverse but everyone is very motivated which is good.
I like the fact that we have a small campus and I know many people there. It's really nice to see a community where everyone is helpful. The teachers can be kind as well, and we have good counselors too.
Very difficult 6 years to endure. I think I regret my choice of coming to this school, definitely grew a lot as a student and person, but simply did not find the fulfillment I was seeking from high school. Not the average high school experience, compared myself often to my peers which led to detrimental self-esteem.
Being at Oxford for the last six years of my life has definitely been a struggle. This school is full of high-achieving students who are always in search for extracurriculars and and 4.0. Being around students like these puts pressure on a person and makes them question everything that they are doing, attempting to be like everyone else. Besides the academics, Oxford misses out on lots of high school events. With very few sports, it makes it difficult to enjoy or time there, especially since it feels like we're missing key events in our lives. This school is full of teachers who are prepared to make you work and eventually prepare a student for that infamous college lifestyle. Although Oxford is very different knowing we have grades 7-12 and lack a football team, the administration always seems to at least attempt to make the experience better.
I like how the teachers and staff trust the students and give the students a lot of freedom. I think it is a great school. It will prepare me well for college.
What I loved about Oxford Academy was the community of passionate, like-minded people. Students are very driven to work hard for their grades in order to get into dream colleges. However, with that being said, it is a very competitive school. Students are constantly trying to one-up each other, even if it is in a very low-key manner. Also, the academic rigor is pretty high and gives many of its students a lot of stress. If there's one thing Oxford Academy needs to improve, they should improve their testing system so that their students don't struggle with studying for all of their tests from their classes. Especially since most of the students take at least 3-4 AP tests during their junior year and does many extracurricular activities, it makes it difficult to manage your time as a student here.
In terms of academics, Oxford Academy is hands-down the best school in California. The rigorous class, homework, and test schedule prepares you extremely well for life after high school. Every single student here is motivated to succeed and is willing to put in the work. I would easily rank it 5/5. However, because it is so competitive, it causes a lot of unnecessary stress and doubt. Students are worried they will fall behind or aren't as smart as others. Plus, it makes it harder to get into ivy-leagues or UC's just because you are directly competing with your peers. For this reason, I would give my overall Oxford experience a 3/5.
Oxford Academy is known for its competitive atmosphere and rigorous courses, which may be overwhelming but challenges you to work harder. This school has allowed me to improve on my work ethic, but I admit it gets very stressful.
It’s aight but the culture of it can be toxic but generally it’s fun to be friends while also chilling in class.
This school is good for college prep, but the many of the teachers hold little importance to the students' lives and are average at teaching, which is quite surprising because you would think such a high ranking school would give better education. The communication between the students and administration is pitiful and the administration could really use some work, because they seem to only care about the school's name rather than the students that go there.
Oxford is a good way to challenge yourself for rigorous courses like the AP classes and all the honor programs. There are also many chances to get involved in one of the top competing clubs like HOSA(medical type of club)and FBLA (business related club) which looks amazing on college applications.
Honestly, you would be better off just going to your home school and take advanced courses than coming here. At the end of the day, what you're learning is determined from a state curriculum. The environment is extremely toxic and unhealthy for High School Students. The student-admin connection could be improved on. Honestly, it makes me ashamed that I even go here. The school is horrible and please don't come. You'll regret it.
Oxford Academy is a supportive and creative environment that enables students to put in all of their efforts towards both academics and extracurricular activities.
I liked how many of the teachers are passionate about what they teach and genuinely care about their students' education. I think that the student-admin connection can be improved.
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Although Oxford Academy is an amazing school, one thing to improve upon would be more guidance through the college application process from counselors. However, due to the emphasis on college starting from 7th grade, the environment is often too competitive.
I have been at Oxford since my 7th-grade year and throughout my years here, it has been a real struggle due to taking advanced placement courses and the amount of stress from those classes. However, in the end, it will be worth attending this school because it will prepare students for the amount of work in college and the feeling of overwhelming pressure, and stress. I would improve Oxford by having more variety of career readiness pathways that allow the students to be more aware of their future as well as more classes that focus on
Oxford Academy is known to be high performing, and there are many available opportunities. There are many clubs, which allows for opportunities to get involved and even gain a leadership position. Dual Enrollment at the nearby Cypress College is accessible as well, which is an upside. Another positive aspect of Oxford would be the selection of courses. Compared to other students in the district, Oxford students take around two more courses each year, and are able to take AP courses starting from 9th grade, which lets students take every course they're interested in before graduation. However, the school is very rigorous, and sleep deprivation is a very serious issue at Oxford Academy. The homework load and difficulty is much more compared to other high schools, and combined with the fact that it is a norm to take around 5 AP Classes from Junior Year shows how stressful and time-consuming school can be. The competitive atmosphere amongst students is toxic and stress-inducing as well.
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