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Oxbridge talks about being one big family but nothing could be further from the truth. If your family has money and can afford to pay full tuition you are treated much different than the students who are receiving financial aid. Also if you play lacrosse you are treated much, much different. If you're a lacrosse player you can go to school for free, even if your parents are wealthy, and can do anything you please. This might have something to do with Dean Ross being the lacrosse coach.... Other sports are treated as second class citizens. Hence why most good student athletes leave Oxbridge after the first year. The drug use is out of control and the school turns a blind eye because they don't want the wealthy students or teachers kids that attend Oxbridge to get into trouble. An all-around horrible experience at Oxbridge and a huge disappointment. Safe yourself the heart ache and disappointment by not being suckered by their sales pitch
The amount of help I was able to receive academically was like no other. The passion the the teachers have there to teach their students is amazing.
A very good private school for students that want to think outside the box and learn from a hands-on experience. Classes involve much student interaction and critical thinking - not just head in the books and memorized testing. A great experience for students that want to get involved in their school.
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I was very fortunate to go to Oxbridge. The environment between students and teachers was fantastic. I really excelled socially and in my education. All teachers truly cared about the students success. I did not feel 100% prepared for college but I don't think any student is truly prepared for college. I think the teachers should have been a little stricter. Overall, I had an amazing high school experience because of Oxbridge.
All students are very Privileged. Classes are small and easy, teachers are awesome. Racism and economic diversity is present.
Great school with incrediblely welcoming faculty. They put efforts in welcoming international students and do everything thry could to make them feel home.
Lunch is extraordinary. Smoothies served every lunch. Students are nice and warm. There are no discipline issues and teachers are incrediblely helpful. They care and care about you.
My favorite part about going to Oxbridge was the wonderful connections I was able to make with teachers and staff! Several of my teachers inspired me both in the classroom to learn and outside of the classroom to be a better person who cares about others and the community. Highly recommend.
I am so grateful I get to take part in this amazing school. The teachers are very engaged with their students and the small class sizes allow for a more direct educational experience. The food is incredible and there are many resources to help students with schoolwork. Students have many things to do and are constantly learning. Great arts programs, sports, and financial aid opportunities. Could not recommend more.
Oxbridge Academy is an overall excellent college preparatory school. The classes are amazing, as well as the teachers. It has been a blessing to be able to attend for the past 4 years.
The very small classroom size and progressive teaching style. The fact that the teachers really care, have masters degrees or higher, and always go the extra mile for us. Our school has retired military and police officers as security guards, so we know we are safe. Cafeteria has awesome food! Bullying is not ever an issue here. Our focus is on our future.
Oxbridge Academy is a great school to attend if you are a student athlete. While at Oxbridge I played 4 different sports and was still able to mange my academics. The teachers and coach’s make sure you are prepared on and off the field/court. Teachers that will work with you when you miss class and or if you just need so extra help. The student body is massive so your able to have a one on one connection with your teachers to get the best results.
Oxbridge gave me a wonderful education and great memories. I explored different subjects that I am now studying in college! The teachers were excellent with the exception of a few. The food always made my day and everyone on the faculty was always friendly.
Oxbridge Academy is an amazing private school, offering everything under the sun. They prepare and make sure that students are ready for college. The school is a college prep school so they really make sure that college is not forgotten. Student life is good and the faculty and staff members are amazing. The only thing that I would change about the school is its diversity;diversity at Oxbridge is very low and it doesn't really let others know that all is welcome.
Oxbridge Academy is an overall great school. It is extremely well rounded and an excellent place to continue your education. It is unique in the way that the student body is completely inclusive; friend groups are not separated by grade or extracurricular activities. The teachers are able and willing to work with you at all times and encourage you to come to them with any questions you may have. There are endless opportunities as a student at Oxbridge; if there happens to be something students would like to pursue academically or recreationally and it is not currently offered students are able to create it. Students are offered breakfast, snacks between class periods, and a gourmet lunch every single day. The college counseling team is very advanced; students begin meeting with their college counselor freshman year and continue until they graduate. I am going to graduate from Oxbridge this coming May and I could not be more grateful for everything this school has provided for me.
Oxbridge Academy, helped me see the different avenues and paths life brings. I wish I went to Oxbridge my freshman year!
It was a great experience for me, i learned new things and met new people that guide me to success. When i was first at american heritage high school in boca/delray, I was struggling and didn't have many resources to help me out with my grades. When i transferred to oxbridge i found out how there are help centers that help me with my homework and guide me through my college process.
This school allows students to select their rigor; it is what you make of it. Students are able to take classes that will challenge them, as well as receive a first-rate education. There are a plethora of clubs and sports, with something for everyone. Plus, the food is spectacular!
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This school is fantastic, it has been an incredible experience for me. The most impressive part of the school is that there is a niche for everyone. I don't know a single peer that hasn't been able to pursue what they wanted in school. From aviation to debate to football to 'mathletics' to community service and to biology research, Oxbridge truly has it all.
This school has prepared me for a great college career. Since it is young my expectations were low, but I was very wrong. Great school!
Oxbridge Academy is a wonderful school. Attending at this facility has made me eager and ready to take on college. The staff and students make the experience very enjoyable.
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