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Owyhee High School Reviews

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Owyhee high school, is a small school. In a rural community. Not much resources as compared to Schools in the cities.
It's a very good school but could use more vocational programs and better resources for those programs they could use more facilities like more openness to resources instead only being able to be there during school and better lunch programs to
There's not much to worry about just drugs and alcohol. They have police that stop by and check things out and say hi, they are programs to attend throughout the community of there is something on someone's mind. The school nurse is very nice and helpful, there is help here you just have to ask.
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It's good but only for the smaller kids. There is no help from 7th - 12th.. If you need help you would stay and meet a teacher on your own time. The clubs/organizations at this school are FFA, FBLA, cheer leading, track, football, basketball, band, art club and asies. They all do well, even after school program for smaller kids. The administration support helps when it's something that needs to happen.
Everything's fun to attend. The school has different ages doing activities, I would only go back to school for better grades and re do school activities.
They include teaching with their experiences and what they had to go through to get to where they are now. They give you knowledge that will help you with thinking and making good choices, they respect everyone's point of view and help them understand where they're coming from. They talk and use big words to help with grammar and they also talk as if you're a teacher too. They have grades that don't really make it fair but if your doing your best and staying on top of class then you deserve a good grade.
Teachers and staff all want to see the students succeed in school, extracurricular activities, and in their lives.
The teachers here care a lot about you. Most teachers will help you out if you are struggling. The teachers know about about the subjects they teach. A few teachers can give a little bit more work.
My overall experience at this school is okay. I have had a lot of fun being in extra curricular activities. Being in sports and clubs certainly made school better. Something that makes this school unique is that everyone knows everyone.
It's a small school but teachers and staff are friendly, and easy to get along with.
Our fans here are amazing the whole community comes together for basketball games. Our athletic basketball coach for the girls team hasn't really coached basketball before doesn't really know anything about the sport except the basics. We have track, cross country, football, basketball, cheerleading.
We don't have alot of different classes and the ones that we do have are mostly the required ones. There is about 5 teachers here that make the class amazing and challenges us. In those classes the focus on our future. We very seldom have homework. Scheduling anything takes awhile and sometimes takes a week to even get back to us students just to meet.
We have had no issues. During practice run though, our teachers take very good care of us.
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