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This school has allowed me to be who am I and express who I am and not judge me. I switched to Owasso my Junior year and fell in love with it. The atmosphere is so inviting and warm. I always look forward to going to school.
Owasso High school is very flexible. I am far ahead in both math and science, so the school created the classes, Calc 3/differential equations and Physics C, for myself and students like me so that I could take a math and science for my junior and senior year. However, the school does have a problem with cleanliness and rule enforcement.
Owasso High School is a place that prides itself in academic integrity, building community, and athletic excellence. However, its approach is lacking, as the administration gets caught up in its personal politics. There is also a lack of diversity, with very few students being on non-caucasian backgrounds.
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I recieved a great education there and both of my sons are either attending or will be attending. The teachers are great and very hands on from what I can recall. My oldest son seems to be happy.
Those academically inclined will find many supportive teachers! A very good school system with a commitment to helping students find their next steps. Fine Arts programs are disciplined and award winning.
I enjoyed my time at Owasso High School! I have attended multiple school districts through my schooling and Owasso was by far the best. While I was there, the school was kept fairly clean and safe. Their facilities were a little lacking, but I have heard they have built new science wings and made huge improvements to the school since I left. They know how to distribute the money fairly between the sports and arts and spend their grants well on the students and their supplies.
It has good teachers and good classrooms, the school is not perfect but it is a good school to attend.
There are amazing teachers and opportunities here at OHS. Although, I did wish they spent more money on academics like they do their sports. I believe the faculty handles certain situations to the best of their abilities. But I do not agree with how they are handling the Covid-19 pandemic. I understand they are trying to stay open in order to get money (since a certain someone threatened to cut their funding if they go online- but that’s a bigger problem in our country). Overall, I had a great experience there and I hope others have the ability to as well.
Owasso public schools is an amazing school district, but as many other schools it doesn't prepare you for life. We learn how to read books and memorize material, but we never learn how to write a check or file our taxes. The teachers are great and they teach very well from what they are told to do.
I love the sports, the football games are always amazing, and the whole school is just perfect. Although the East Campus is older, I still really enjoy going to school there and have had no problems with academics or with sports
The teachers and the students are all so loving and compassionate. It is truly a no man or woman left behind kind of school. Owasso has been fortunate to see 99% of its students who start 9th grade go on to graduate.
Attending Owasso Highschool is, and always will be one of my cherished memories. One thing that I loved most about Owasso was the staff. The teacher's were very nurturing, and the student-teacher relationship aided with work productivity. The next best thing about Owasso was my peers. Even though some differences were shared amongst us, at the end of the school day we all realized how valuable our time was with one another, and adored every minute we had. We started school together in 2005, and ended together in 2020. When asked what I would change about Owasso my answer is simple; nothing. The school was run the way it was for a reason, and I had no issues with it. The way Owasso school district and Senior parents made a way out of no way for us to end our Senior year off comfortably will never be forgotten.
Not enough classroom space or teachers for the amount of students attending the school. Teachers are underpaid for the amount of work they put into teaching and supporting their students.
Good school, good relationship between teachers and students. Sports and extra activities are very well represented in Owasso.
Owasso High School was honestly a pretty decent school to go to despite its flaws. It definitely won't ever be on the same level as schools with more funding and better education departments but for Oklahoma, it was one of the best. I'm glad I went to school there and met all my amazing friends and had supportive teachers that were always there to lend a helping hand.
There are some really great teachers in Owasso, especially in the arts and performing arts areas. I wasn't a huge fan of high school overall, but the teachers definitely made my experience so much better than I thought it would be. I won't miss being in the building of Owasso High, but I'll miss the people and staff that made high school bearable.
I loved the school's athletic facilities and teachers. The buildings need to be updated. I spent six years there and they were the best in my life.
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It’s a great atmosphere for the ideal highschool experience, with great teachers and great friends anywhere you look
It has been an amazing past four years at this high school! I truly wish my senior year wouldn't have been cancelled by the COVID-19 outbreak. If I could go back I would go talk to all my past teachers because they have all had a huge impact on me!
I am part of the high school band and I love it! Band has taught me many things such as coming out of your shell and working together. I enjoyed the clubs I participated in also. And I really like the school spirit everyone has especially for the sports. On game days it really feels like we're all in it together and when we win it is an amazing experience.
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