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Our Lady of Tepeyac High School Reviews

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OLT teachers care about their students. Girls have the opportunity to lead, learn and grow in this environment. 100% of seniors go on to college thanks to the support of the College Readiness Program.
I have been teaching at OLT for 14 years and we create an environment where students feel comfortable approaching their teachers and getting the help they need.
OLT is a very good high school because I really like my seniors friends even though I’m a fresh woman.
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Tepeyac is a wonderful place...educationally, spiritually and with regard to it being a family atmosphere. We look out for each other.
The teachers are the best out there! My daughter feels comfortable enough to ask for help. They are always available to stay late or come in earlier if my daughter needs help. I know that my daughter is receiving the best education because of her teachers.
I love the small classes, family environment, develop/gain self-confidence, great college readiness program and great education.
This high school helped me come out of my comfort zone. The community was unified in a way that felt like I was at home with my peers. My teachers were willing to go the extra mile and give students the attention we needed, when we needed it. My peers encouraged me to do my best academically due to the close bond we made with each other.
Tepeyac has done a great job building a sense of community between its students, staff and faculty. I know smaller sized classes were a great help to me, as I was able to freely ask questions and communicate with my teachers. The close-knit community made Tepeyac feel like a second home!
This high school gave me a voice. A voice that I could use to speak my thoughts in college. The english and history classes here really help me when i graduated to continue my education. I wish I learned how to write papers in APA format while attending Our Lady of Tepeyac to help with future classes in college.
My time at Our Lady of Tepeyac was the best! Tepeyac is still a second home. The amount of support I received both academically and emotionally reassured me that I had made the best decision in attending Tepeyac. My teachers, my classmates were always motivating me to the fullest of my potential. Tepeyac empowered me to speak up and to feel confident! I highly recommend Our Lady of Tepeyac High School!!
"I recommend this school to everyone I see, my daughter feels happy and settled at school and I am really pleased with the progress she has made." The administration, teachers and staff are great!
Tepeyac offer each student a uniques high school experience. Their College Readiness program is available not only for their student but also alumni. As a first generation college student Tepeyac guided me through high school, college and post undergrad. I am forever thankful for Tepeyac's faculty and staff!
I enjoy going to school and learning. The activities I am involved in help me. I have made so many friends.
Loved it. Best school. Best teachers. Plenty to get involved in. So much to get involved in. Glad I made the decision!
It was the best. I loved making so many friends and the teachers I had were amazing......................................
Tepeyac was a great support team for me as a student. Always ensuring I had the adequate resources to get involved in programs within the city that would then benefit me in college. Teachers and Staff were with me every step of the way, including guidance in my college application process and beyond. I am one of four siblings who graduated from OLT; Financial Aid and Scholarships were available for my family to make it possible. The Tepeyac Family cares for it's students and is always moving forward with innovative ideas to grow as a school.
Best quality education for girls. Teachers who care. Great support system. The students engage in and of the classroom. Students get involved with extra curricular activities.
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Great and passionate staff who care about students. One of a handful of schools still providing single gender education to young women’s. The best.
It’s small and the teachers are very focused in helping you understand what you’re learning. There are a lot of opportunities to be able to afford going there. No one is ever really struggling.
My experience at Tepeyac is really good. It was good because of the teachers, staff, and my friends. The things I did at Tepeyac was play sports but mainly softball. I went to Tepeyac my sophomore year. Going into a school seemed overwhelming but when I got to tepeyac I felt wanted and important to the school. I made friends the first day there that I am still friends with. The things I would like to see change is new desk, and to switch over to laptops instead of carrying heavy books around all day.