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If you are looking for a family oriented school environment, this is the place to be! My children loved this school and the staff care about the children. The facility itself has a big improvement! The teachers go above and beyond academically to get your child ready for the next level. The best Catholic School to attend!!!
The school has been improving it's overall façade and facilities recently. They've improved the condition of the over 50 year old buildings, but there is still a lot of work to be done in that area. Technology wise, there is no WiFi, but they have replaced the entire computer lab with new and improved computers for the students to use. There are no guidance counselors since there is only one class for each grade and only one teacher for each grade. For 6th through 8th grade, there are three teachers: one is the homeroom, the other two teach either math, literature, or science. The school's form of college prep is giving a lot of homework to do and telling us that colleges look at our grades in 7th and 8th grade. They've had student tutoring in the past where older students tutor the younger ones. Parents have no choice but to be involved and volunteer a lot unless they want to pay for about $400 in Script. Busing is only used for field trips. The bus cost is included in the field trip cost and there is always a field trip cost.
In my personal experience at this school, what made it so wonderful to go there was getting to know every and all of the personalities of your class. The school definitely doesn't have much to offer in the way of facilities or resources, but going here is a very interesting experience. My classmates, as I remember, were pretty crazy. I remember thinking that I laughed every day due to their crazy antics and personalities. You could comfortably talk to anyone in your class, and even to the grades above and beneath you. If I could do it all over, personally I would've liked to have gone to OLPH in elementary and public school in middle school. The reason for that is because going into high school, I didn't know anyone, but people knew each other. There was also no opportunity for me to begin running cross country until high school or any offer of going on a Washington, D.C. trip. However, despite this, I wouldn't be the same without my OLPH experience. Therefore, I probably wouldn't change a thing.
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Overall, the teachers are okay. The school, again due to lacking in funds, doesn't exactly have the ability to offer high pay to the teachers. When a teacher is fired, they struggle to find someone else to replace them. This has led to some rocky teachers, but since the school is small, parental outcry succeeds when an unsatisfactory teacher needs to be replaced. As I was leaving the school, they replaced many of my older teachers for newer, younger ones. Due to this, I have no say over teaching styles or individual, let alone overall, quality. The teachers are always interested in the students because the classes are very small, 15 to about 20 students. If something is wrong, the teachers notice as well. Grading is pretty consistent because the teachers don't have as much to grade compared to public school teachers.
There are very few clubs and sports offered. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Yearbook, Student Council, the dance organizers, used to be a drama club, Decathlon club. Piano and guitar lessons are offered along with drum line. The typical sports are offered: soccer, track, basketball, dance and there might be one more. Altarserving at the church is highly suggested. The administration is pretty accommodating to the Student Council in regards to special requests.
Besides the typical middle school drama and gossip, bullying isn't as bad as it could be compared to other schools. They enforce as well as they can no bullying policies. They've improved the gates to the entrance to the school. The general area is ok. They do a lot of fire drills with the occasional earthquake drill and lockdown drill. There is no police or school nurse. No health programs and the resources are a call to the hospital if something bad happens.
Although they are working on it, the school website hasn't been updated in years. The principal has been very involved by not only improving the overall looks of the school, but replacing some teachers who had been there for years to the dismay of some and the satisfaction of others. There are no guidance counselors because you don't choose the classes you get. There is only 20 kids in each class tops. The office staff is pretty helpful. They enforce to the best of their ability no bullying, are very strict on dress code and attendance. They didn't teach anything about puberty saying they were going to get to it, but they never did. When I went they brought in people to talk against doing drugs, but there is definitely no drug problem there. Cursing is hardly ever heard and was very surprising for me to hear all the time when I got to high school.
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