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Our Lady of Mercy Academy has been a wonderful, nurturing environment that has allowed my daughter to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. They have provided a strong sense of independence with a balanced approach to school and expectations for the future. OLMA offers many experiences that have allowed my daughter to explore various areas of study and leadership roles.
I loved how OLMA has such a “family” feel. The teachers are always there to give help and the students are always just there for each other. Everyone at OLMA truly does become sisters. I wouldn’t have picked any other high school than OLMA and I’m so glad I came here.
Our Lady of Mercy Academy grows the best girls in South Jersey. The nurturing environment enables each student to flourish and bloom into a strong, intelligent, and independent woman. OLMA is the best kept secret in South Jersey.
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I entered Our Lady of Mercy Academy in September of my Junior year. Although I have only attended this school for one year, I love it. It is easy to adapt in this school. The education prepares students for college, the teachers are all amazing, and the food is delicious. I would recommend this school for any female that wants an amazing high school experience and an education that prepares them for college.
I am an alumna and current OLMA parent who is thrilled to give my daughter the gift of an OLMA education. The spirit of sisterhood is real and fosters an environment where the girls can truly be themselves. Academics, leadership and service are integral to daily life.
The education and the staff are so welcoming. The staff gives every student the individualized attention they each deserve. The stellar education prepared me for the work load and challenges normal college students face first off in college.
Our Lady of Mercy Academy is a small all girl high school in southern New Jersey that fosters a community of sisterhood while delivering a first class education. Small class size and emphasis on academics was what made my parents fall in love with OLMA. I took a little more convincing, but after attending a shadow day and meeting students, teachers and administrators I quickly felt like I was home. This inclusive and friendly environment has inspired me to excel not only in academics, but in sports, clubs, and volunteerism. I am proud to a part of the OLMA community and am delighted in the many ways it has helped shape my future as I look forward to studying pre-med in college.
Our Lady of Mercy was a great school to really feel comfortable with your teachers and to not be afraid to ask questions. The only thing that lacked at most times was the education and athletics. Although most of my teachers were more than willing to help me succeed, OLMA is a very small school. Therefore, the educational opportunities and diversity was minimal. On the bright side, OLMA does offer a sense of sisterhood and the teachers, especially Mrs. Cavagnero, treat their students as their own children.
I made good friends while at OLMA. Some of the best people I have ever met and I hope to keep those friends for life. The school isn't very diverse so I'd like to see more diversity. A few teachers don't always do their jobs considering I always have to teach myself how to do stuff, but I'm leaving soon so it doesn't matter. It's a really old school, so some building and remodeling might be good to think about.
OLMA offers a truly unique experience thanks to the all-girls environment which encourages further confidence in the classroom. This Catholic high school prides itself on its value of sisterhood and service, and this comes in a surplus thanks to OLMA's newest principal.
There are alot of clubs etc.
I feel very safe at my school and never been bullied.
The school is only girls and you learn so much better without boys around. Even though a lot of wealthy kids go hear, they do not make you feel like you are less than them. My family is not wealthy, but put me through this school and I am very grateful for this awesome education my parents having given me.
I have had four years at this school, I have made friends for forever and the teachers are very friendly and are concerned for my future. It is like a second home, I feel very safe and genuinely happy. Wouldn't have changed my decision to go to Our Lady of Mercy Academy. I had several schools to choice from and I made the right decision. An all girls preparatory school has helped me excel in so many different ways. It is a small school, but a loving and educational environment.
The class size and one on one attention your child will receive Is phenomenonal
It's an amazing school and i have had a great experience here. I think it's a great school that gives girls the opportunity to have a safe and fun learning environment.
The teachers are great! Most if not all are engaging in the lessons and are fair when it comes to grading
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The condition of the school is great, however if it is hot outside, it gets like a sauna inside.
OLMA is sure to keep it's students safe.
OLMA doesn't have that many school rules. If anything, the rules are petty. You may get I trouble for wearing multi-colored socks, eating in the hallway, or leaving books in front of your locker. We also just found out that we are not permitted to wear headbands thicker than 2'' wide. Also, be sure to only wear one earing in each ear. Besides those menial rules, they are quite reasonable.