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Wonderful sports teams and collaboration. The debate team is also especially wonderful and allows many opportunities for learning and team bonding. My only complaint is that people prep for the placement test and not knowing this can impact where you are placed in classes and your ability to take advanced courses in the future.
Academically, Lourdes was a good school. What is disturbing about the school is the how the teachers allow for a culture of creating cliques and picking favorites. While I was there I consistently witnessed a girl in the locker next to me get bullied and made fun of. There were also plenty of classmates that singled others out for their looks or personalities. It’s like the movie Mean Girls but on a much larger scale. Many times I was excluded from activities from the teachers themselves – I wasn’t able to go to Christmas Formal my senior year because they "ran out of tickets." Prom? You needed to bring a male date. I asked to be put in Yearbook (I was in Yearbook in my previous school) and a teacher said it "didn’t fit with my schedule." Parties with sex, drugs and alcohol were rampant – and some teachers even liked talking about the parties with students or making jokes about them.
This school definitely prepared me for college! My high school experience definitely taught me how to get into a study routine and time manage so by the time I reached college, it was a breeze for me while others fell behind. The school environment is amazing and bullying is less prevalent than if I would have attended a co-ed school. Students are assigned a "big sister" as freshmen similarly to a sorority and attend regular retreats which are always great for bonding with other classmates. Best four years of my life!
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This school is not what it used to be. The administration is terrible. The teachers are cut-throat and don't care. The social environment is almost impossible, you must come with friends already from your previous catholic feeder school. You must be extremely smart, pretty, skinny, rich and popular to be happy there. Very negative environment where most are unhappy.
Attending Our lady of Lourdes Academy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. With challenging academics, students were always encouraged to push the boundaries and step out of our comfort zones to grow emotionally, academically, and spiritually.
Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is truly a unique place, because there is a bond formed among its students like no other. The idea of a sisterhood really does come to fruition at Lourdes and, as a Lourdes girl, I am acknowledged as intelligent and confident, simply because of my school’s reputation and the reputation of it’s attendees. Since attending Lourdes my confidence, intelligence, and ambition has skyrocketed.
Lourdes Academy has truly shaped me into the well- rounded woman I am today. It has given me the opportunity to be competent in a digital world. I made the most out of my high school experience and the faculty and staff we’re extremely supportive. Everywhere you go after graduation, everyone knows you are a “Lourdes Girl” just based off the way you carry yourself. Having said this, you also get numerous opportunities because you almost always stand out when applying for internships, jobs, and specific programs.
The school needs to form a PLC to assess why so may students seriously dislike the school. Students are not happy there and administration and staff fail to be empowering women to be successful and productive in life.
Unless your daughter is placed into the "elite" Bernadette program as a freshman, she'll have to fight for her place in the honors or AP classes alone with no help or support from the school.
Administration caters to the top tier students and If your daughter is coming from a "non feeder" school, they will put her in the lowest classes regardless of her elementary school records, grades or teachers recommendations.
The administration department always support their teachers, even in cases when the whole class is falling (this happens very often). They'll never accept any mistake or wrongdoing and will put your girl down to protect their staff or their reputation.
While prestigious schools proud themselves of their "holistic" approach to evaluate, place, and eventually support their students, Lourdes Academy is heading on the opposite direction.
Regardless of the fact the my daughter landed in a "good" college, I will never recommend this school to anyone.
I loved my experience at Lourdes because it truly prepares students for the future. I got into college and I was not worried wether or not I was going to succeed because I knew that I was extremely prepared to succeed.
When I went to lourdes for the first time, I felt just at home. Everybody was so welcoming, and for the first time in a long time I felt like I could be myself. My tour was absolutely great and I loved it. I took my entrance exams a few months ago. I am happy to say I made it in. I had heard that it is hard to make it in but If you work hard, try your best, study hard, hit the books, and believe in yourself you can do it, I know I did.
Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is an over all amazing school. From the varsity sports to the rigorous courses, anyone attending will truly be prepared to continue their education in college.
The academics is good, teachers are very hands on ans available to help. The curriculum is rigorous but offers a wide range of electives and classes to aid in further interest in certain subjects
This school provided me with a great education, a sense of sisterhood, and had generally relaxed environment
I thought overall it was a good education. Some facilities can be improved upon such as lack of a weight room for athletes.
My experience attending Lourdes Academy was a positive one. I believe that the administration and faculty of the school, along with the community of intelligent and motivated young women, allowed me to grow into the person I am today.
The best part of my high school experience was how I was challenged academically everyday at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy which helped me feel more prepared for college.
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It’s is a very good academic school that will definitely prepare you for college. Although, the workload they supply is too much on kids. Some kids end up resenting Lourdes because of the workload. The sports and the athletic director know what they are doing. They even won a state championship this year in soccer.
Great school but should stop limiting students from taking honors or AP classes because of their grades.
An amazing school! The teachers are one of a kind and truly care about the students. This school provides a supportive atmosphere for its students and acts as a model to live with Mary in all things. I will always be a Bobcat 🐾
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