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Our Lady of Czestochowa School Reviews

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Pre-K through 4th grade weren't too bad for me, but after that it was pretty much a nightmare. As a little kid, it's a great school with nice teachers and lots of activities to participate in. In middle school, a lot of the teachers were awful, either being bad or just borderline insane (not all of them, of course there were some very caring and helpful teachers). There is no independence in middle school as well. Overall, middle school could be managed better.
I loved it! it was an incredible expirience I grew as an individual and learned abou how -Title
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The best school in Jersey City. It is all about creating the right environment for learning and having fun at the same time. It is pretty hard to get in especially in preschool and younger classes
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They have a wide range of after school activities that continue to grow every year. I always loved Student Council, TaeKwonDo, and the Track team!
School nurse was always there for me when I was sick, and every possible bullying situation is dealt with effectively and immediately.
Teachers are dedicated to making sure the students' experiences there are more than just class time. They motivate you to succeed and prepare students for top high schools in the state.
All of the teachers at the school are not only very approachable, but effective at their jobs. They make sure students know and understand lessons, while motivating them to want to know more.
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