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I like how Othello High School provides students with many resources to help them learn in a safe and healthy environment. I also love the teachers at our high school and school events. I feel like Othello High School is doing an excellent job. The one thing we can improve on is clubs and activities. I feel like we can add more clubs and activities.
I enjoyed going to OHS and growing up in a small farm town. Seeing teachers outside of school was a comfortable feeling and it has definitely grown since I graduated in 2003.
I like this school, and I like the people in it. I have a lot of good friends and I've had some really great teachers and some not good ones. Usually I get along with them pretty well. Honestly though most of the classes I've taken have been really easy, or at least easy to get a good grade, even when you haven't earned it. There aren't a whole lot of elective options so sometimes you're really limited and stuck with certain classes. It's also kind of difficult to make up credits if you're behind, didn't have the same credit opportunities in middle school, or are taking Seminary, but it is doable. The school board and administration are really awesome and nice people. You can totally tell they're really trying to do their absolute best for the students and community, so that's always reassuring. Hopefully things will get better in the future, and hopefully better opportunities of all kinds will arise for the student body to enjoy and take part of.
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In my opinion, Othello High School has some great teachers, which has made my path to college much more enjoyable. I call those teachers great because without their help and motivation I would have never gotten on the honor roll or even have tried to take honors classes. Unfortunately every school also has its not-so-great teachers, but there isn't much to do about that anyway. Besides, a school shouldn't be evaluated based on its teachers, as that is mostly out of the principal's control. I'm giving my high school a 4 out of 5 because it's great as a school at the base level, and that's fine. The teachers teach, the teams play sports, what more could you ask for? However I feel like since I was a freshman at this school I haven't really felt engaged or connected to the school (maybe I just don't have a ton of school spirit), I think that OHS's focus is a little too sport-heavy, and I also just want more clubs were I could find people with the same interests that I have.
I liked how the some staff are engaged with the academics in learning, and how they make it comfortable for students to want to learn. I think as a community we could do better to create a family within our school.
It was my first year this year at othello high school, it was great expect the end of the year wish I could have finished the year. High school was not as bad as I expected it was really fun,you get to meet new people/teachers there are more sports the only thing I would try to fix is the asb if it's not printed on your ID they should give you a sticker.
Othello high school has a great sports culture and has many people show up to all school spirit events
The one thing that I like about othello high school are the teachers. The teachers that I’ve had classes with are so nice to be around. It’s a nice student and teacher relationship. One thing I would like to see change is the way they prepare us for college. I get some informations from a few teachers but I am not ready for college or the things that come with it.
It is a pretty average school in a small town. There are some good things and some things that could be improved.
i like the school, very nice students their is and the teachers are also very nice. I like the principle and the staff very good school.
At Othello High School, nothing ever happens. It is definitely the perfect school if you want a drama free year. I enjoy it mostly because bullying is really unaccepted at the school. Although students can get out of hand, but its nothing a little discipline can't fix. I would definitely like to see improvement in more available classes to upperclassmen, things that could possibly help them choose their careers. Recently they added psychology as a course and I am excited to take that. More things like that to help the teens understand what they like.
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My experience at Othello High School has been amazing. I'm only a freshman but I still have had a blast experiencing all the clubs and activity we do at out local High School. My freshman year may have been cut in half and we were not able to experience as much as we wanted the activity's have been so fun and they let us be involved. I also love the staff at our school. They always seem to welcome us as soon as we walk into the school. They always there to support you and answers all the questions you have. Our High School offers us tutors to help in the area we have. We also have an amazing Gear Up program to help you through high school and to help you continue into college. One thing I would change is for our food we have to be more of like cultural like maybe have american food one day and they Chinese food another day, and Mexican food another day and so on. I feel like our school doesn't really encourage your ethnicity. Most of my school are Hispanic.
Had a great four years there but the school is not the best academically. Had a fairly low graduation rate compared to most high schools and very low test scores and standardized test pass rate. The teachers are very involved with their students and create a great experience, but a lot of student were personally not putting enough effort into their schooling. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the music department that has been revamped over the last few years. The marching band took many first place wins at different parades around the state when I was with them and the symphonic band and percussion ensembles were getting the highest ratings at festivals.
Othello High School has a very uneasy environment. Most teachers has obvious favoritism. Some teachers don't really teach the subject well enough for students to understand. We also have only two security guards on campus. With about 1,000 kids on campus there should be at least one more to ensure safety. To add on the sports are horrible. We have many sports offered to us, but the coaches are terrible. They have favoritism and are obviously there just for the extra paycheck. The college readiness is alright. We have a program called GEAR up and it's open to all students. I would want to see more safety around campus and the education taught more seriously.
My experience as a student at Othello High School so far it has been very good and I enjoy attending there.
everyone knows each other and are very friendly to new comers especially foreign exchange students the students, teachers and administration will make you feel like home. I was part of the chess club and I was captain for the team and it was amazing how the shoot supported us.
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I attended this school for the last 3 years of my high school career and it could not be easier for children to skip class without any punishment. I would recommend to make strict rules about certain amount of absences.
I like he classes here at Othello high school but the teachers make the classes much more enjoyable. The teachers here at Othello high school make leaning enjoyable by helping them in every way they can when students are struggling. I would like to see change from the students and the way they act with each other. Students need to get along and become one.
It's a good school. Has a variety of clubs sports. Could improve more on the food. The teachers are nice and helpful.
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