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Osborn High School Reviews

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Food is terrible, administration isn't all that great. Teachers are pretty cool though. Our sports program is OK for what we have. Common sense is no longer common in this school.
I like how the teachers are really helpful, and how the classes are almost always easy to understand.
Our administration is very strict with our policies and they stay consistent with them and treat everybody equal.
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Our school is really small with not that many teachers and students so we don't have much extracurricular opportunities and clubs.
Our school is really small with not much money, so our facilities aren't all that great. Our sports teams aren't that good, but our boys and girls do try.
Our school is good with safety because we have cameras on the outside, we aren't aloud to bring purses and backpacks into the school, we aren't allowed to have any body from another school bring us lunch, only parents can, and only one door is unlocked during school hours.
The food is not good at all. I bring my lunch today every day, unless its a student council cooking the meal because thats when we get to eat good things that day.
Overall, going to Osborn school has been good. It may have its ups and downs but I will always claim it as my high school. It is a really small school, but sometimes thats a good thing, such as you get more attention from the teachers and your community is closer because everybody is involved. I wouldn't choose to go here again because its time to move on to the next step, which is college, and start your own life.
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