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I transferred here after my freshman year of high school. The school was very accepting and acclimated me to my new environment. The school provided me with many opportunities to get involved and is major reason for my successes at college.
Throughout my years at Osage City High School, I have been involved in numerous activities and school clubs. I liked how students were encouraged to be involved in multiple sports, activities, and clubs even if they overlapped. Although I have enjoyed my high school thus far, there are a few things I would like to see change. The main thing I would like to see change is how last names have had a big impact on the school and student body. In a small town such as Osage and the surrounding small towns, students whose parents were popular, athletic, or even wealthy end up becoming popular or starters for certain sports even if they aren't the best skill-wise. This issue usually occurs in sports, student body elections of any kind, and other common high school activities.
Osage is pretty okay. Not great, but not awful, either. Kinda the perfect representation of a small town Kansas high school. An actual funding budget for the arts would be cool. They could take a breather on sports, at this point. I want a one at the Emporia Marching Festival, where is my pep rally? BBQ Ribbet on a bun is the god tier lunch, you can't convince me otherwise.
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I loved going to high school here! I knew everyone in my class and most of the high school. It was like a small little community and everyone knew everyone and we all pretty much got along for the most part. The sports teams I were on always had a super close bond and we always made sure we had fun but when it was time to be serious we were. The teachers here for the most part are amazing!! There are a few that really touched me and made me a better person!!
What I love about going to Osage City high school, is knowing that I will always have someone to go to. Whether that be with academics or for emotional support, there will always be someone to help guide me and make sure I’m receiving the best out of my education and experience.
This school is one of the best schools I know, its not to big, but not to small. This school is also one of the top schools in not having "clicks". Everybody knows everybody, you either know them form activity's, or you grew up with them all your life. The number one thing I love about this school is that if your having a bad day no matter if its a teacher or a student, or a faculty member, they will come up to you and make sure your ok, and that your not going to do anything to harm your self, your peers, or your community. I just don't have enough words t o describe how much I love this school and would never ever in my life change the way I was taught/ brought up in this world. GO INDIANS!!!!!!!
All the staff try to help you as much as they can and are friendly. Also, you will always make friends.
It have many culture in here.
It's safe in the school.
I did many experiments in school.
I dont't like eat fried meats. i want to eat some healthy food.
I don't know the school policies.
There are more opportunities to take part in the competition. We have great athletics in the school.
The teachers is good int this school. the teachers make more activities for students in the class. Sometimes we have assignments about making video and draw posters. The teachers enthusiatic to student.
We have lots of clubs and organizations. For example, band class, golf club and volleyball club. I can play the piano.Sometimes, I swim and run on the summer.
I plan to be a pharmacist. I apply to Kansas state University. I am Asian. Although I am not native people, I think I can get good grades. I will study hard in college. I am used to previewing new suject. I prepare to make a goal after graduation.
We aren't a very diverse school but besides that it is average.
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It is average compared to most schools.
I absolutely love going to this school.
I don't eat lunch in the cafeteria anymore. The food was not the best last time I was there though.
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