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Orr Academy is a great place to attend Highschool. A very diverse student body with teachers that care about the students well being. The sports team is without question the best in the city.
The one thing I like about Orr high school is that, when you basketball there the coaches let us know that playing basketball is not just about winning games, its about trusting each other, being a family and having each other back. If you work hard together you will win together, and your hard work will pay off down the road.
my experience with Orr Academy High School was fair i was welcomed with open arms which made me feel comfortable with opening up and allowing myself to show what i can offer
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I was a transfer and they welcomed me into their school with open arms and allowed me to be apart of organization that was closed
As an alumni, I can honestly say the school pretty good before I graduated. When I was in school here, the staff actually worked with the students and there was some order to the way things were done. Now, most of the teachers hand out a worksheet and sit behind their desks for the whole class period. Some teachers fail students because they don't like them. The Dean does not like to handle student disputes that could be hazardous to learning environments. All this has resulted in a negative response from the students. The students often have attendance scores below 60% every week and last semester, someone with a 2.8 GPA made it onto the top 10 list for academics. We just lost our star program, buildOn, and it seems like nobody cares anymore. This school has turned into more of a community hang out spot than an actual school. Its sad to see how far this school has fallen; I just hope the students and staff can turn this behavior around and bring the school to success again.
I would like to change everything , the school isn’t bad it’s the students and it , and I like it’s all about the basketball players and no one else really . The sports are good they just pay the basketball team the most attention.
I would love to change the cariculum. As a student a few months ago I felt I was going to survive college based on what classes I took in high school. In all reality I feel as though I haven’t been prepared for college at all. The teachings have left me crippled not knowing and having academic opportunities as other children did. I feel like myself and others who’ve graduated from this high school have been cheated out of success. I would create major programs to get students looking at what they might want to do. Have more vigorous classes because that school honors classes were normal classes for kids who’ve went to regular middle class high schools. I would give the current students the attention and careful learning that they would need in order to be successful in college.
I Like the hard working in the staffs, they really try to make kids understand that you education is important I will like to change the lack of attendance and the participation rate we need more self advocacy and brit student that push their self hard.
Orr is a good school for football, soccer, volleyball, and etc. The teachers were very helpful when it came to our learning.
I like that Orr academy Teach you Information that you don't know. also if you forget the information they will go over it with you to make sure you wouldn't forget it again. They teach you new stuff also teach you old stuff that u might already know.
I am currently a senior at Orr Academy High School I've attended Orr since my Freshmen year and my experience with Orr I've had my ups and downs with this school from staffs, teachers and most of all the students here. Upcoming kids don't want to come to our school because they think our school is bad and that's not true it's just the kids here that wants to act a fool but that's everybody's problem people are on the outside looking into the negative stuff and they don't see the passion of our school our school has great extracurricular activities and we have the best basketball team, they just won The State Champions and to me myself I feel like our school is great, it may not be the best like Lane Tech but our school is unique.
My experiences at Orr have been something else . My school don't have much money and they try to give us the best they can . What I would like to change at Orr is the violence between the students , also the disrespect .
I love this school. I have learn a lot in this school and I have experience things that made me into a better person.
Orr Academy High School was a good school at one point in time. It's not to late for change, but in my opinion Orr needs assistance as far as funds and making the school great again. I only been in Orr for 2 years my Junior and Senior. I believe and have faith in this school it's just to much negativity in the building.
What I really enjoy about this school is that you become a family as a whole. Since it isn't much of a big school, everyone knows everyone. Though not everyone gets along, we see each other more then we see our family. We become costumed and comfortable. The staff here are really fun people to interact with.
My experience at Orr is definitely different from others schools that I've attended. It's more kids from my neighborhood that attend this school. I am having a fair experience because everyone in here get treated the same. Something I would like to change is have more activities for seniors. Also have better food.
My experience at my school has not been the best. I would like to see changes in how the school handles situations that happen between the students. Usually, they would tell you that there is nothing that can be done about the situation because nothing physical happened. The food isn't the worst that I have had. However, the portions are those that you would give to a 3rd grader. I would love to see my school change the way they handle cellphones as well.
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the school needs to make the way they handle students.
If I had the choice to go back I would definitely choose another school.
They don't treat sports equally.
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