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ORVA has a lot of pros and cons. Some of the great things about my school include flexibility in scheduling and great, committed teachers. It is really nice to be able to call, e-mail, text, or connect virtually in real time whenever you need help. There are also lots of national clubs and school wide groups you can join such as the ORVA chapter of the National Honor Society, the yearbook committee, etc. The school also makes an effort to host in person events across the state to help students connect and socialize with one and other. One of the things I dislike about ORVA is that in requires a lot of screen time. I would say approximately 80 to 90% of my work is completed online. In addition to this, no honors or AP classes are offered which is a bit frustrating. Lastly, sometimes the system is a bit glitchy at times. This frequently makes me late for my live classes and causes a lot of stress.
It was helpful that it was online because it taught me to teach myself and be independent with my education. I also had a good relationship with my teachers which allowed me to learn better and acquire better letters of recommendation. However, I would like to see improvements in their systems, college prep, and diversity.
Oregon virtual academy isn't just a school, its a family. We share ideas and communicated effectively to each other. The administration really takes in our ideas and our thoughts on the school and we all work together to make the school the best it can be.
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I wouldn't want to see anything changed. The school may only be on computer, but this school goes out of its way to give you a chance at success.
The couple of months with ORVA were horrible. First my daughter received a virus-riddled equipment for her to work with. So I spent most of the time on tech calls with technicians who either didn't know what they were doing or didn't care. After several weeks we found someone who resolved most of the tech issues we were having. Second, I email my daughters' math teacher to let her know that she had overdue assignments she couldn't get to due to all the tech. problems we were having. She replies back saying she's reviewed the situation and met with other dept. members and my daughter would be required to turn in all the previous back assignments. Some of them were assigned before my daughter even started with ORVA. Needless to say she failed almost every subject for the very first time in her life! ORVA is a terrible organization in my humble opinion. BAD FOR HELPING KIDS GAIN CONFIDENCE.
Oregon Virtual Academy has a very flexible schedule for whatever is convenient for you. The teachers are normally always available and they can make one on one sessions for you to get help. The school is very helpful and even though it’s online it’s hands on.
I love my experience will ORVA! All of the teachers are very encouraging and kind and make sure they give you all the resources needed to pass their class. The counselors are also a huge help with making any needed accommodations and doing anything and everything to make sure you are staying on track to graduate. The only thing I would change as of now would be that the school should require the teachers to give due dates for the assignments with consequences for late work. I feel this would help the students be more motivated to stay caught up in classes as well as better prepare them for the more serious deadlines in college.
Oregon Virtual Academy is an online public school. It doesn't offer sports and doesn't have facilities for its students. Students do school from home. ORVA provides challenging courses and rigorous schedules. It doesn't offer the greatest electives, but it does give you options to fulfill the requirement.
I’m a senior at orva and this is my 8th almost 9th year of going to this school. It’s amazing there’s lots to learn and the facility is amazing! I’m forever grateful for orva!!!
Oregon Virtual Academy is best for students who stay well organized. The setup of the website is clear and easy to navigate and the classes allow you to work at your own pace while still making sure you stay on track and don't fall behind. Students interact with teachers in multiple ways and the teachers make sure to help students when they need it. Virtual schooling can be a struggle for students who do not stay self-motivated very well and it can be challenging at times to contact teachers and advisers and get all your questions clearly answered.
One of the reasons I kept doing Oregon Virtual Academy through high school is because the flexibility it gives me. Another reason is the support all the teachers give their students. They're always willing to help, accomidate, and walk through each assignment. The teachers really want to see you succeed. So even with the flexible schedule being home schooled always me to have, it's the teachers that allow me to be the best academically possible me i can be.
I finished well and am very happy with the results, but I am saddened that I received no scholarships for my hard work making my college experience stressful as I figure out how to pay for it.
Teachers are consistant and listen, they communicate well.
Lots of help is offered for students and parents.
The curriculum is challenging and some of it is taken from college text books.
Teachers communicate and are very helpful on a daily baisis.
Everyone is very accepting of one another.
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My experience has been great, and have recieved the help that I need in order to finish high school strongly.