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Its a great school with amazing teachers, who for the most part really care about your success and learning abilities. I´ve made amazing friends and if you surround yourself with the right people and stay positive, your time at OHS will be just fine.
I liked that the staff was always trying their best to help every student, but sometimes in these efforts they overwork themselves and "burn-out".
The education provided at Oregon High School is very good compared to many of the other surrounding schools. One of the main issues with Oregon is the lack of diversity in the staff and student body. The diversity rate is just above 10% so is there is very little representation here. I think it may be detrimental for some people once they leave this town because they will be surrounded by so much more diversity and culture and I believe it might be a shock to them. I did overall though enjoy my high school career at Oregon, I met my very best friends here, had an amazing time participating in my sports teams and loved being a part of the school spirit.
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Overall I feel Oregon high school is a great school but could use some work. Some of the things I like is the variety of classes that they offer and the different levels they are taught. Next I really like their use of technology throughout the school, I find it very helpful and less wasteful. I think their diversity would be improved upon and looking at everyones difference. In conclusion, I feel Oregon high school is a great school.
Like all high schools, Oregon High School isn't everyone's favorite. In the halls, shouts of 'I hate my life' or 'why do I have to be here?' can frequently be heard.
But among these complainers, a small group of my friends and I have a different opinion. Although sometimes it may seem as if this is all there is, my high school has opened doors that once seemed utterly, ostensibly closed. And sure, it's not the greatest. Sure, it's not rich, or techno-savvy, or preppy. But it's filled with caring people, and when you have a loving context, everything stems from there.
Teachers are extremely passionate, caring and helpful, but there are a few who don't know how to get through to students anymore. Most importantly, the administrators are excellent. We have been blessed with an extremely diligent, kind, disciplined and brave principal who puts students' needs first and sets a clear example. Oregon has given me a great high school experience, and I will be sad to go. My only complaint with the district is the lack of classes available. I have so many passions, but even with the opportunity for online classes, it is still limiting. Mostly in the language department, I believe other in-person classes should be available, such as Chinese or French.
The staff is great, very kind and always pushing students to succeed. The kids are overall nice too. The academics are challenging sometimes but it depends on the class.
The school and the education is very strong at Oregon. But the community and the students at my school are very selfish and close minded. I enjoyed going to Oregon High school but I am ready to spend my time with nicer people with my strong education.
I have had the roughest time in high school yet I still have senior year to go hopefully its not as rough
I graduated in 2017 and had a great time while in high school playing football and being a student. Great new addition to the high school as well recently. The faculty is also great and I had a great experience while attending.
It's not a very diverse school and a large portion of the people there are arrogant and rude. It's hard to feel welcome in the district when you're the new kid because everybody likes for their friend groups to stay the same. It makes it really hard to make friends and get to know people.
Oregon High School had great staff, good athletic support, and amazing teachers that helped you see your goals through to the end.
Oregon High School has some of the best teachers and other staff members that I have ever encountered. Oregon High School cares so much for their students, and have resources and opportunities at every corner to prepare students for their futures. From classes, to clubs, to athletics, Oregon High School has something for every student.
Taking advantage of the Youth Apprenticeship Program offered at OHS has led me down a fulfilling and successful career path.
All of the staff that works at the school district are very helpful. They helped me through some of my class that I could not get.
I’m currently a high shop senior in the Oregon school District, it’s a highly impressive School for being a public school. We have great facilities with our new renovations, and a great staff and faculty to assist the learning of the student body.
Beautiful place, I definitely feel important and that they will help me prepare for college. They have an excellent health and fitness program along with very good staff that will help with all academic issues. With recent renovations, it definitely makes going to school a lot easier. They also offer a wide variety of courses, extra curricular activities, and honors and AP courses as well. They also care about their students by having them take surveys about their experience and ways they can improve.
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Oregon High School in many ways is an excellent place to get an education. There are plenty of academic opportunities for students in a variety of subjects and vocations, and the school prepares its students well for college or the workforce. Most teachers are kind, competent, and knowledgeable, and the school's administration is good. There are many popular and fun sports and other extracurricular activities. The school's diversity is mediocre at best, although for a small midwestern town that is to be expected. The food is a frequent focus of complaints, but it is reasonably nutritious and doesn't taste awful. Personally, I have had a stellar experience at this school, which has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a person, pursue my dreams, and have plenty of fun. I truly have no significant complaints to report, and although I recognize that not every student at Oregon can say the same I still feel that Oregon High School is overall an outstanding institution.
My entire high school career has been a wild ride of hormones, drama, puns, and the occasional mishap. Junior year was my least favorite year, like most, due to a surplus of academic stress and unwanted drama. Freshman and sophomore year were the normal high school experience with little activity and hardly anything notable. I am one semester through my senior year and it has been the most exciting year of my school career. I would love to change how the school handles bullying. They would always complain about bullying and how it is ruining the school, but when a kid would go to administration with a problem the perpetrator wouldn't even get a slap on the wrist.
I think that Oregon High School gives their students great educational opportunities. They have a school to career program that allows some students to leave early to go to work and they count it as three credits. Oregon High School is a mostly white school so there is not much diversity. Many teachers are very nice and care about you but some can be very rude. The school keeps the parents very involved by sending them emails about what their children will be doing in their classes throughout the week and sending them immediate messages if their child is not in class. Overall Oregon High School is a great school that just needs a little work to become one of the best.
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