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The school as an academic experience is fine, its just one of those "well i need a good teacher to learn well" the problem being lack of good teachers, the great ones are great, but the bad ones are awful, i have personal experience being internally suspended for whacking a book off a triple beam balance, which under normal circumstances is the appropriate course of action, but when the student is know to surfer from ADHD and has been asked to be evaluated for autism (which my parents where asked to find somewhere else) a diagnosis of which i would later receive, it doesn't sound right. and then i have the individual context that i was zeroing out the triple beam balance as you always should, and that the group i was working with threw the book onto the scale, result of suspension of the individual student isn't the proper result. i'll continue this in a response to this comment
Health and safety is second to none at this school.
There are plenty of ways students can get involved.
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I've been in the school for one and a half years now and I love it.
All of the teachers at OVMS are amazing and comfortable to be around!
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