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Orchard Farm Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the overall environment and the helpfulness of the teachers. I would like to see a more helpful administration department. Opportunities in early college programs were not clearly articulated.
As a rising senior at Orchard Farm High School, it is amazing seeing how much the district has grown since I first arrived in 2008. The one-to-one technology is crucial for our success and the teachers/staff are nothing short of amazing!
I loved all the programs that Orchard Farm had to offer with still being considered a small school district. The teachers were also all very kind and always trying to help out whenever and wherever they could.
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My overall experience at Orchard Farm was amazing. I been there since I was in kindergarten and now i'm months away from graduating. Never thought time would go by this fast but during my time here I made countless relationships, met great teachers, and lastly made great memories. Wouldn’t trade my experience at Orchard Farm for anything.
Orchard Farm is one of the best schools in Missouri! Not only is the school itself great, but the whole community is awesome. Everybody is so welcoming and nice and I have always felt right at home.
I have had nothing but a great experience at Orchard Farm High School. All of my teachers have been great to me and I have learned so much these past four years. I have always been surrounded by a good environment and enjoy waking up to go to school every day. My teachers and peers are always willing to answer any questions I may have and they always give me the best advice. I truly believe that Orchard Farm has given me the best education I could've received in a High School setting and I will forever cherish the memories that it has given me. I can't wait to go to college and utilize the knowledge I have gained to help others.
Orchard Farm was an awesome school. It’s a large school district area wise with not as many students. It’s a growing district due to the increase in population in New Town. I overall enjoyed my experience very much because of the culture And small town feel. Would recommend
Teachers do all they can to help succeed, the school provides many opportunities for students to do things that they are interested in.
I have lived in the school district my whole life and the school does a great job combining with the community. When we have had tragedy like floods, the school was providing food and drawings from the kindergartners to take home. Our school is about to undergo an expansion, so I can't really say they need any changes that aren't already being made. The sports programs and facilities are great and the classrooms are spacious. Each student has a personal computer to have during the school year which has impacted daily life greatly. There are multiple technological opportunities and expansions available to students in the library. Lastly, the high school works with many other programs and schools to prepare students for the future they are striving for.
There seems to be something for EVERYONE at Orchard Farm High School. From the new CAPS programs, to early college start, to Lewis & Clark Career Center, to PLTW and Agriculture, to Business and Entrepreneurship, and so much more!
Great academic programs for students! Very innovative! Excited for my family to be in this district!
Enjoy the small town enviroment and teachers are great. The Biomedical program is amazing. Sports programs are good for a small school and Soccer has recently been added. The school is approximately 500 students so it is a very close enviroment. The school offers many academic programs, chrome books to all students and school spirit is very high. Often, our fans out number home schools during sporting events.
Being a student here is a unique experience. Overall the experience is great but since the school is so small there are a few downsides. That would include AP being new to the district in the past few years. Overall everyone is nice and tries to be as inclusive as possible. It's a great school to attend where everyone knows everyone.
The education is extremely good and the teachers are excellent. It has a good reputation. I ran track there when I was in high school and it made my high school experience that more enjoyable.
There are many choices for after school activities. More are added each year as the district continues to grow.
Most teachers are excellent. There are a few that could improve, but I would assume that's the case at any school.
They are very concerned about the safety of the students.
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It is a great school. Most teachers are caring, knowledgable and go beyond what is required.
As far as safety goes, I have never felt that I was in any danger when at school.
The extracurricular activities at OFHS, at least the ones I can speak to, are quite good. The choir and band programs have grown considerably in the past few years and they look as though they shall continue to do so.
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