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Opportunities For Learning Public Charter Schools - San Juan Capistrano Reviews

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Opportunities for Learning has a lot of benefits for students. One gets to work at his or her own pace.
Amazing and a great alternative for students unhappy with traditional High School. I came to this school after not doing well in regular High school and it has made all the difference in my education.
Good school, however in some packets there are questions or directions that don't make sense.. showing that the packets were made by someone who doesn't know what is going on. Doesn't keep from education being taught though, and teachers are AMAZING. Definitely recommend.
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Most students come to this school to escape bullying, and you are not forced to stay. When you are done with your work and done testing you are free to leave so bullying has never been a problem with this type of school. It's a relatively small building so all of the teachers know what is always going on, security was never an issue either. I always felt space because of the small space and knowing there was always an adult around. Any resource you needed, you could talk to your teacher about and they would do what they could to help you.
I remember while I was attending, two sisters enrolled who had been homeless. The school found this out and they went and bought the girls backpacks, all the school supplies they could need, and some snacks for them also.

Being an independent study school it was very diverse. My favorite thing about the school was that any body fit in. Kids who got bullied at traditional school could come to us and make friends. It is a great opportunity for teen parents who need more time at home, or even kids like myself who just wanted to finish high school early. In a traditional high school any one could point out the groups of jocks, nerds, "cool kids", etc. However, at Opportunities For learning there were no separation of groups, you were friends with who you wanted to be friends with and it was such a great experience for me because no one was judged.
My school had plenty of ways for us to be prepared for college. A counselor helped up with applying for the Cal Grant and reminded us of due dates for financial aid. We were able to attend a free 5 day college tour that took us to a couple colleges in southern California and gave us all the information we needed. I also felt comfortable coming back after graduation to ask for more help applying to colleges, they are very welcoming and very helpful with any problem you might encounter.
I went to an independent study school that did not have sports at the time I attended. However, they had a leadership which I was very active in. All of my friends participated in it and it was full of great opportunities. It helped students keep up with their work so that they were able to attend certain field trips and fun events we held. To make up for the lack pf sports they had a bowling team that met once a week for elective credits and at one point they even held a yoga class and a Px2 class which students really enjoyed.
The teachers are very helpful and estatic about teaching their students. They all work together with students that are not their own and they provide extra assistance towards us.
My school is very small, but i simply love it because it's convenient for me and successful according to my work pace. I love the service offered in there and it's just right for me in my situation.
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