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It was a fun school although it does not prepare the students for college, trade school, or work after graduation.
I have been a student at Opelousas Catholic School since kindergarten and I am now a senior. What I love most about my school is how we are a family on campus. The teachers, faculty, and students all have a professional relationship. Each teacher shows their love and best interest for every student in the class. Since Mrs. Heintz has taken the reins, she has made our school an even better place to be. She has improved our school so much in just the two years she's been here. My favorite thing about her is her personal involvement with our student body. She is always showing us that what we think and feel as students matter and that she holds it to the highest of standards. Opelousas Catholic has made me the educated person I am today and has also crafted my faith so that I am ready for the future. I can't wait to be alumni and see the future for our great school and it's community.
It was a small school but overall it was enjoyable being able to know everybody. The staff were pretty good when I was there but slowly started becoming worse towards the end of graduation.
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I am an Opelousas catholic alumni and I started attending in the 3rd grade and met some of my best friends today. I played basketball, ran track, played softball, and was on pep squad. My high school career was a great experience. Everyone there knew each other so it wasn’t like a big school where it is easy to become lonely. It was a great school I would recommend them gettin better teachers to prep them for college.
Opelousas Catholic is a great private Catholic school for the area that it's in. The academics are becoming better and better as time goes. It's a very close knit family atmosphere because it's from pre-k to twelfth grade. Many of the parents, teachers, and administrators are alumni of the school or connected to it in some way or another. The school is becoming focused on all sports and giving recognition to all athletes and their achievements. The religious aspect of Opelousas Catholic is amazing. Religion is a big part of every aspect of the school and in my eyes the best Catholic school in this area.
the school is not a terrible school but there are many problems with not focusing more on academics and less on what we the physical appearance the students come to school.
Academics were a joke. Most teachers were sports coaches and knew little about their subject. Sports were glorified, and academics were thrown out the window.
OC is terrible.The teachers do not teach very well and do not care at all!On an ACT the highest I ever heard a student make is a 19 so far this year.Majority of the students want to go to LSU.Newsflash baby!You can't go to LSU with a 19!That's why, when it comes to senior year at OC, majority of the students are destined for any community college of their choice because they cannot score high enough on the ACT to get into a 4-year college. A school is supposed to prepare their students for the ACT.The teachers for high school, not all them went to college to teach, and if you can guess, they are horrible at teaching.I had this one teacher Who would just show us football film all day and then give us test the next day. I also have another teacher who just tells us to take notes and does nothing then we have test the next day. OC overall, is just a total let down and has no attraction and interest of teaching your child at all.
The most important thing that I about Opelousas Catholic is that the teachers help out the students when they need it. They make sure receive the materials that are being taught at pace so that every student can understand. That one thing that I would love to see change is the administration. To me they sometimes hold the students back on things that they need and also hold the teachers back. It is very important that every person gets their job done as best as possible but I thing the administration is keeping them from doing that. All in all I like Opelousas Catholic and they get the job done when it needs to.
I like that the school is small so it is safe. I wish that the female athletes and male non-football athletes got support from the school.
There are many clubs and programs
The teachers at my school are very good. They are nice and helping.
I have had good experiences on the most part with my teachers. My main complaint is grading of homework which plays a huge part in our grades. Some are willing to give extra credit work to help with grades but this is inconsistent.
The school is older and so air conditioning, lockers, facilities are average as is to be expected. Each senior uses a laptop during class and for homework. It is theirs to purchase at the end of the year. Tutoring is available after school, I myself tutored for a few years. Guidance counselors are most helpful, I have been very fortunate in the help I have received during my Senior year.
I feel our school is extremely safe. It is a fairly small town and so many families know each other and I think this contributes to the feeling of safety. Staff are quick to address bullying issues. There are cameras installed on the premises which definitely adds to security.
Great help from guidance counselors in the transition from high school to college. Prinicipal is very involved in students and makes sure to know each one. He is very fair and makes an effort to stay on top of situations before they escalate.
i was involved in the after school tutoring program. This was a great program that was both rewarding for tutors and tutees. I was also captain of the girls soccer team. It took a lot of dedication and time but the rewards of team sports are endless. You become like family and as a Senior, took my role as a mentor and role model for the younger girls seriously. It teaches you responsibility, patience and above all, that is not the result at the end of each game that counts, but what it took to get you there.
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If I could do it all over again, I'd choose a more challenging school that offered more clubs and had better teachers.
Some teachers are really, really terrible, and some are really, really great. I have had a few extremely knowledgeable teachers, and a couple who misinformed students constantly because they had no idea what they were talking about. I am taking a class this year that I've been waiting to take for my past three years of high school because I thought it was going to be interesting and great, but I dread going to it every day now because the teacher is constantly off topic, and I often find that the information she gives us is false. It's extremely disappointing. However, OC's science and math programs have wonderful teachers who understand their subjects thoroughly and keep their students controlled well. There are also two wonderful English teachers. All teachers have two planning periods, and most of them are okay with students coming in for help whenever they need it, though some are hard to work with or unapproachable. Most students have very good relationships with some or most of their teachers.
Parents are very involved, and, like another reviewer said, are required to volunteer at school events. Lunch isn't the tastiest, but our lunch ladies try their best. The portions are adequate for me (18 year old female) most of the time, but sometimes I'm still hungry after consuming everything on my tray. The food seems pretty nutritious, and the gumbo is above par. They should probably move the trash can and utensil bowl farther apart, 'cause I've accidentally thrown away my fork a few times. Wow, this turned out to be a paragraph entirely about the cafeteria. Sorry, guys.
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