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I graduated two years ago now. It was a good high school, although it did have a racist mascot for over 60 years. All of the teachers I had were excellent, though, and all cared about my wellbeing as well as my grades and once I arrived to college I discovered I was better prepared than a lot of the students around me.
I didn't have a great experience, but I don't know how it is compared to other schools because OCS is the only high school I've ever attended. Some teachers were great, some were awful. I wish that the administration did something other than just put up "no bullying zone" signs. If they actually did something about bullying it would've been a much better experience.
Onteora is a nice school. There's only a few things that I could think to change. The food isn't bad (there's a salad bar!), the water's good, and if you like sports you'll absolutely love it here. Our music program is also really good, but I may be biased.
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Everyone is nice, some staff have old-school views but everyone is very accepting and positive. When some student's are being bullied they are quick to act, but too blunt in their actions. Teachers are fun to be around and are willing and able to help.
My child got a standard common core education. Onteora may not be the best school but if you are a student that takes advantage at whats given you can do very well and be very successful.
Some of the teachers are fantastic, but some of them are not. The students are very academically motivated. Overall, the people at Onteora are very friendly and welcoming to others and it has a nice atmosphere.
Even though Onteora is a small rural school in upstate New York,--its graduating class has less than one hundred students--the staff and administration provide an great work environment for all students. Onteora High School has a multitude of Advanced Placement courses with dedicated teachers that make time outside of the classroom for extra help. The students, however varied they may be, are all respectful of one another and offer a safe community for all clubs such as the LGBTQ+ club and the Human Rights club. Onteora students are lucky to have the variety of sports each season that all students may participate in. Onteora, due to its location, does not have much ethnic diversity in the student body; political diversity, however, is seen throughout the school and left wing versus right wing student discussions and debates in classes are always interesting. I am grateful I went to Onteora for my high school career and it has prepared me well for many years to come.
Overall, it is a pretty safe high school. No worries.
You do get a lot of opportunities for it being a small high school.
The parents are active when it comes to their children.
The teachers and the staff are nice! They do try to help out as much as possible.
The only thing I would change is the school mascot, which is currently the Onteora Indian.

It promotes racist generalizations and a careless attitude regarding minorities.

The classes and teachers are dedicated to giving students the best experience possible.

It is a generally laid back, positive school.
I felt extremely unprepared for the "real world" and college.
Administration at Onteora know what they are doing. They genuinely care about their students future and strive to create a nurturing environment for them. The guidance department is a major highlight of Onteora. Onteora's policies motivate students to do well and respect others
Onteora has been a stable learning environment for me. I have never felt threatened during school and an abundant amount of extracurricular and additional help opportunities have been provided.
Teachers at Onteora are great. They are very understanding and are willing to provide extra help to students who show the motivation to seek it. Technology is well integrated into the classroom ranging from graphing calculators to iPads.
Parents and students are supportive when it comes to sporting events and the side lines at any event are usually populated. The coaches and physical education teachers put a lot of extra work into coaching and athletics.
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Probably average for a rural school
The principal seems to do his best to discourage any school spirit and traditions since he started.
Opportunities are great if a student is willing to take up on them. Small student body makes it possible for students to be on teams. Athletic coaches and administrators are cool. New Athletic Director and his secretary are awesome and go above and beyond to help us.
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