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My four years at ONeill High School have taught me a lot about being prepared for my future. Our school does an excellent job at teaching the latest technology skills and college preparedness. While in highschool I have had the opportunity to take several dual credit classes which have given me a jump start at earning college credits. I’m also very happy I took “family consumer science” class. This class has taught me how to apply math, science and communication skills to everyday life. During highschool I have participated in sports and organizations that have taught me a lot about working with others and solving problems together. Overall my highschool education feels like it has gone fast, but I also feel like I have learned so much and I look forward to continuing my education in college.
OHS is great school in small town USA.. It's currently under construction, with great things to come for future OHS staff and students. It offers a lot for being in a small town, come check it out :) Go Eagles....
I liked how each teach is involved with each student at our school. Our administration is great at our school. The computers we have are just an add on to our amazing school. The computers are truly a blessing to every student at our school it is so much better than lugging around each book for each class.
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They need to focus on things other than sports. They have managed to take away pottery because of moving the art room to build the new schools, they took away music theory, they took advanced speech, and don't have a proper auditorium. They have a gym with a stage that also has extra bleachers.
I am very involved in the school. I am in band, musical, once acts, FCCLA, National Honors Society, Interact Club, The editor of the Yearbook, and Speech. There are many ways to get involved and it provides a great learning experience. I feel I have gained a great education so far and feel that I am being appropriately prepared for life after high school.
The school is great at making sure we have strong health and safety policies.
I am involved in FCCLA, FFA, Interact Club, Volleyball, Track, O'Club, National Honors Society, and Flag Corps at my school. They are all great activities and I enjoy being involved and giving back to the community.
This school is unique to me because before I attended here I went to a country school, so there is a big difference.
The teacher quality and style has improved over the years that I have been here. I believe it's because the new teachers that come in are younger and have creative teaching styles.
All the activities we have for students allows them to expand their experiences.
This school is wonderful if you are looking for a school with good staff and a good use of technology.
We offer a variety of after school programs to kids involved from FFA to a number of sports
Our school is outdated but we do pretty good with what we have. We have excellent technology program were every student from 7-12 grade is issued a computer
The camps the coaches send our students to and ones that are put on at are school are of good quality
Teachers are all mostly willing to give the students one on one when needed. No child left behind policy
Our technology helps the students stay up to date with the latest updates in the ever growing technology world
Our school is very safe and the local law enforcement offers education and help when needed
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The principal is always available to talk and discuss any problems
Teachers are relatively understanding and offer extra help before and after school.
There's not a whole lot of diversity at this school. There are your typical groups, like the jocks, the artsy kids, and the rednecks. There is a lot of student involvement in different activities. One thing that almost all of the kids get into is going to athletic events and supporting the teams. There's not a whole lot of peer pressure at this school. There's hardly any drugs and very little alcohol.
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