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The teachers, for the most part, know what they're doing. They all know their subject very well and can teach it in depth, while providing examples. This style of teaching, in my opinion, is the superior style. The only reason this is not a 5-star is because of the kids. The kids are wild and unmanageable. This has to do with the area we live in, a lot of the kids aren't raised properly; thus, are quite annoying and undisciplined.
I’m going to be attending my senior year of Onamia High School this fall and throughout the years I’ve been at that school has been a blast, It has a good environment the academics are great and most of the population is pretty much Native Americans, which is always cool to learn new things about the different setting that they live in and their culture. Other than that the school it self is surrounded with caring people and great support you need.
The parents are very supportive and attend a lot of different events. They all care for their kids along with other kids in the community and show their care by talking with them and attending events that the school puts on.
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The teachers all care about all of the students. They are very approachable and seem to really try to help out everyone when they can.
Overall, I love my school. The teachers are great and so are most students. Of course we live in a pretty poor school district so there is problems along with gang violence and drug abuse but this has not been a huge problem for the majority of the student population.
Due to the new food laws, lunches are far too small and we are not given healthy alternatives.
Drug use is prominent in our school. This said many faculty members know this but ignore it because if these offenders where to be kicked off the team we wouldn't have a team due to the small size of our school.
Sports are very open and welcomed to anybody
They are always willing to go out of their way to help everybody.
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