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Omaha Northwest Magnet High School Reviews

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My experience at Northwest differed throughout the time and years of me being there. I started freshman year and ended up there as a senior also. The school itself isn’t bad at all. I would change the way the passing periods are though. It can cause disturbances and many many altercations and conflicts. The teachers there are quite helpful as long as you keep up with your work and have a positive attitude.
My experience from Northwest is actually amazing. Their law classes that are connected to MCC are pretty good and great with information and you'll have a step up if this is the career field you want to go into.
there had a good environment for students to study and having fun,but also still have some stubborn kids try mess up in schools sometimes.
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I started at northwest my sophomore year my experience was great northwest is definitely not what others think it’s like
Everyone has bad thoughts about Northwest, but it is not a bad school and they help students . They offer a lot of different activities and bring organizations to the school for students.
I’ve been attending this school for the past three years and not once have I felt out of place. I’ve always felt like this was the school for me. I’ve met and lost many people along the way, but that’s just the way of life and is a very natural process. I’m happy to continue my education for my senior here as well.
It is a very diverse school. No, I was not a top 10 student. Matter of fact, I was not even a good student but I did learn a lot from the school and the clubs they offer applies so much to me once I continue my education in college. One of my favorites club is called Thrive Club. I got to meet students from different countries, religions, background, and different political views that made me an open minded person. This club helps me to become more diverse that I now can interact better with different people in college, work, or anywhere else I go.
It is a great school for those wanting to go into the law field. There are many great and caring staff, but if you are a smart student who always does what's expected you might get looked over.
Northwest is a decent school, the teachers are good, theres lots of after school after school tutoring. They most they focus on is academics. All the teachers are there for you some just make you work a little harder then others. If you just pay attention you will do just fine. There are a verity of students here and most clicks blend and mingle for the most part.
I like my principal who makes me stay on top of things I like the students and the different minority’s i’m not really a good people person but when i got to northwest it changed I met a lot of people I interacted with and they made a difference on me
What I liked about Northwest is the diversity. You get to see people who do look like you but you get to see people who do not look like. Which is a really good thing as well.
I have loved coming to this school through all of my ups and downs in high school. This school gave me an opportunity to be National award winner (I won the National People-to-People 2018) and it gave me an opportunity to be a Zoo Academy student that helped me find what I want to do with my life. I have talked to so many other students too and they all say coming here was the best for them and they wish they had come here earlier. We may have put bad points but those bad points can be seen as of little concerned if you are an engaged student and most of the students are even if they don't look or act like it.
I love the environment of Omaha Northwest High School. The teachers are super friendly and are always willing to help out. There is nothing I would change about this school because the past four years that I have been there have been amazing and I wouldn't want to change a thing.
My experience at Northwest High School has been some of the best four years of my life. Most people think of Northwest and they think of bad students, and a horrendous curriculum. My time at Northwest has given me the chance to meet amazing people of different cultures, beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds. It is such a diverse community filled with faculty that care and make sure everyone feels included and important. The opportunities that Northwest has given me have defiantly made an impact on me. From going to Washington D.C., and even investigating a fake crime scene. My time as Northwest has been great and life-changing and it is sad that it is all coming to an end so soon, it feels like just yesterday I was starting my freshman year and now I am graduating. But, I know that my journey has just started and Northwest has done an absolutely amazing job at preparing me for life after high school.
The school looks and is run like a prison. Poor engagement of students. The teachers could care less about the students. Fights happen multiple times a week.
As a senior at Omaha Northwest Magnet High School I know how this school is. I don't like that in this school the school spirit is poor. Activities aren't many and come to this school is not a joy. Instead, this school as cultures diversity. Another good point in favor of this school is that has got a good program and good law classes that give opportunities to try experiences.
I've been going to northwest for almost four years. Overall I have somewhat enjoyed my experience being here. through sports i met many great people who make this school what it is. These amazing people fill the school with there positive energy. While going to northwest I've made a family. Another great thing about this school is some of the teachers I've had. These teachers have helped me and continued to inspire me through-out my high school career. Just like any school in my community, a school also comes with its negatives. At times this school can feel pointless and as if we were spending too much times no getting the education we needed. I believe a big source of this problem was the lack of resources provided to each student. Overall I truly believe Omaha Northwest gave me a great experience.
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As long as you take challenging classes and stay away from people who cause drama or are in the wrong crowd everything will be fine. Some teachers expect too much and others don't have good control over the classroom, but in general the teachers are pretty good. Really good if you're interested in any law or forensic science careers or classes.
I love the teacher and people here. We all are working to make things great. People care and teachers really know what they are talking about.
I love their law magnet and JROTC program it’s a god place to go if you want to be in the law field
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