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PROUD ALUMNI CLASS OF 2018! Olympian was an inclusive community of students and staff that helped me grow to see my potential. It is a safe space in which there is truly an environment of safety for your child. I was a transfer student from a private school in San Diego and coming to this school was the best decision I could have ever made. This school prepared me much more for college than the other school could have ever done. Overall, the best environment I could have been in for a high school. Go Eagles!
At Olympian High School, I appreciate the diversity and the acceptance on our campus. There is very little room to judge and plenty of room to grow as a person. I appreciate how considerate people are, especially the staff. From the Janitorial staff to the principal, everyone is interested in what you have to say. I also appreciate the fact that at my school everyone knows everyone. Almost all students and teachers know one another, especially our campus assistance Sunny. Sunny is a man who knows everyone's name after meeting them just once. He is the man who brings life to the campus because he is always concerned about people well beings and always aims to make everyone's day the best it could be. I also love the sports teams at our school and how they all appreciate one another. I was on the varsity cheer team, and on behalf of all the cheerleaders I can say that all sport supported one another from the football team to the lacrosse team.
Olympian HIgh School home of the Eagles is a phenomenal School. Located in Otay Ranch Chula VIsta. We have the best teachers , tons of clubs , dance groups, best sports and the most awesome friends anyone can ask for.
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Teachers are very engaged with students however this school is very over-achieving which puts a lot of stress on students.
Before freshman year, I spent my summer deciding what high school to go to(didn't want to attend EHS.) I wanted a school that focused on students' academic abilities and preparation for college. In middle school, I did not participate in activities. I wanted to change that, and seeing the students' spirit, I knew that I wanted to call Olympian home.

Freshman year, I joined the school's orchestra and yoga club and became Vice President. Sophomore year, I continued orchestra, became Vice president, and played Varsity Field Hockey. This year I am a Link Leader(upperclassmen guiding freshman through their first year), continued orchestra, became President, and played Novice Swim(the season was canceled due to COVID-19), and joined the surf club.

In addition to the activities I participate in regularly, I will say that there are not many non-formal dances. Aside from the events that were canceled due to COVID-19, I am delighted with my experience so far and look forward to senior year.
Something that I really like about going to Olympian High school is that the school is very college oriented. The teachers really help to do their best to get each and every student ready for college. Olympian has a very hardworking staff that always goes out of their way to spend time in teaching each student.
Overall, I've had a great experience at this high school. Most teachers are very welcoming and understanding, and you feel comfortable sharing any school-related issues with them. Although there are a few teachers that may be lacking when it comes to teaching, there are several excellent teachers. Also, I feel that the adults provide any resources that they are physically and financially capable of providing. The students are mostly kind to their peers, and Olympian's also very diverse and safe. That being said, this school heavily focuses on College Preparation and readiness, which may be advantageous or stress-inducing, depending on the individual. In my first years at this school, I found this process helpful and I never felt too pressured by the system. Nonetheless, I personally know people who find this aspect of Olympian stressful, tedious, and pointless. In my opinion, however, Olympian has many positive aspects that allow you to overlook this minor detail.
I have had a great experience at this school overall. It is very much a college preparatory school. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. They put a lot of pressure on students to go to college, but that isn’t the plan for all students.
Olympian High School is a great school especially when it comes to College Readiness. This school really pushes its students to meet college requirements and standards and the staff is fantastic!
Olympian High School is a relatively new school in the SUHSD that has a lot of potential. This school does have a lot of really good qualities and some that are need of improvement. For example I was very involved with the Orchestra program, VP of the fashion club, in numerous sports and was a tutor. I was very focused on my studies and was able to manage it well with extra curricular and friendships that I still have to this day! Two of my favorite opportunities that Olympian gives is that their goal is to prepare each student for a 4 year university and give the chance to automatically attend SDSU as long as minimal requirements are meant. I think that is very good way to motivate students to go straight to a 4 year university. One thing that Olympian could improve in would be administration involvement for example bullying from students and staff that could be dealt with a lot better.
At Olympian the academics are very good and it can be considered to be the brightest school in the district. However such a heavy push of academics leave other components behinds. The sports teams are very lackluster and the school culture is not good at all. Although it has been improving, the school spirit at Olympian is very nonexistent.
I like Olympian, some of the teachers are very passionate about what they teach and how they teach. The administration needs to do better in dealing with the mistreatment of LGBT students and bullying in general. However, they work hard to prepare students for life after highschool.
I feel that Olympian High School prepared me well for college and beyond, especially with the College Readiness Skills. My teachers were all supportive and pushed me to excel. The Common Senior Experience is a great program that sets you apart from other students from other schools and I feel it was very beneficial.
I had a great 4 years at Olympian High School but in many ways it could have been better. Academics are so difficult to a point where students value grades over learning. I also feel that not everyone had a part in school involvement. Sports have also gone downhill. Overall though, my 4 years are memorable and I will cherish them forever.
I loved the teachers at Olympian and their genuine interest in the education and well being of their students. They truly push their students to improve their academic and social abilities. Teachers promote joining sports, clubs, and visual and performing arts programs offered on campus to create a community at the school.
what I like most about this school is that there are a lot of nice people. The fact that they care about their students learning and personal life is so nice.
The high school experience is unique to everyone. With mine, I had the opportunity to enjoy it at Olympian HS. The environment always asked students to push themselves, and the schools mission is past graduation but instead for college readiness. With that focus students are given resources from AP classes to extracurricular activities to enhance their chances of getting into college while enjoying their experience. It eases students with its support, and still offers focus on academic success.
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I loved Olympian High School. It has high quality facilities and great teachers. Honestly I think the teachers are some of the best in the whole city. It is an open campus with a large track and field section. The school also has a great diversity in elective. Plenty of computer, engineering or arts classes to explore through electives.
As a school, It was an okay experience. But the band program helped spark my social comfortability and road into the music industry.
I loved going to this school overall. I would say that the English, Drama, Biology, and Computer Arts teachers were all excellent at teaching and making the students stay focused. However, I would say that our math department from Integrated Math 1-3 was impoverished and were not the best teachers. They did teach, but they did not put in effort into teaching or were not very willing or forced so that they can get money. Other than the math department, the rest of the classes were usually good at doing their job.
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