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I have been at Olney Independent School District since Kindergarten. I have had bad experiences and good ones at times. The teachers are very caring and loving. They will go out of their way to make sure the students are learning and are in a safe place. The teachers and staff will do everything in their power to make sure we feel good while under their care. If a student is hungry, thirsty, or does not have clean clothes the staff members will do what they can. In the past two years, the school system has improved. We have better teachers, principal, and coaching staff. I am blessed to be an Olney High School senior.
I loved the extracurricular activities available in Olney. I was able to compete in everything that I wanted to, and I was able to also be successful in everything.
I would like to see that our school ends up offering more and more dual credit and AP courses. I feel that I wasn't offered enough throughout my years here, and I hope for the sake of others, that they end up having more choices than me.
Olney didn't exactly prepare me, or anyone else for that matter, for the real world or for college. We were treated worse than prisoners, the faculty/board members/principal/ superintendent were idiotic.
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It's a great place to have a high school education. The close communtiy with traditions and cultures help make Olney ISD great. I have been in the Olney's school system from pre-k to my current senior year, its an amazing place to gain long-term friendships and an education. Also the staff to student ratio is basically 1 to 6 in a classroom which mean you get hands on attention on school work. Olney,Texas is a great place to have an education!
One thing that I liked about OHS was the people that I met. There were so many different people and because it is a small town, you get to really know everyone. Not to mention. The teachers are friendly and do their job very well. All of the extracurricular activities are great and with so much going on you'll want to always come back.
Small school=small town=many opportunities for success
Our school is good with scheduling; they are willing to work with us. They make sure that our freshman through junior year we take all our core class and classes we need to take so our senior year will not be loaded. The teachers are also great with finding a way to help you.
We have a great athletics program. Everyone at school and in town supports the athletes. Each student is given a chance to participate in any athletic program they would like.
We have great resources and facilities. Each student is given a lap top to do their school work on. My school has a great college program that allows us to take online college classes.
The school is okay when addressing a health and safety issue. We still need to work on our bullying policy. We do have police around the school during the day and are always watching. Our school nurse is at the elementary. If there is something wrong we have to walk over there, that is the only problem.
We have great extracurricular activities. They range from sports, speech, music, and many other options. There are many clubs that you can be a part of, with different responsibilities. Not all of them are after school some are during school activities. The school is great on encouraging the students in participating, and also great at supporting.
I really don't like the food at the cafeteria. It's not horribly bad but could be better.
Like I have said, we have a great administration. They help us students with anything we need help on. We could still work on our bullying policy. The dress code is well enforced.
This school is a good school. There are many options and opportunities here. College classes are the most valuable ones because not many high school's have college class.
The school is relatively safe. We have a School Resource Officer who is always around. The majority of doors are always locked and visitors have to come through the office first. There are security cameras in all hallways, and most supervisors are good about watching out for everyone.
The opportunities are very open and available. The athletic facilities are the best on campus. As I've indicated before, most of the attention is given to the sports/athletic programs, although I don't personally believe it should be. The majority of students are involved in some kind of athletic program. I don't necessarily have anything against the athletic programs because some of them are very successful. But the majority of successful programs in the school are academic and art programs, which don't get anywhere near as much support or funding as athletic programs.
The technology is good for the most part, although I don't know if it's really used as well as it could be. I think since we each have our own device, they should be incorporated into our work a lot more rather than letting students play games on them all the time. We have a counselor and a college transition coordinator, but I don't believe they do as much as they should. There are several opportunities and things I could've been involved in if they would've just let me know about them or kept me up to date on things. The facilities are decent, but the buildings are old and not in the best shape.
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Teachers aren't exactly the most committed. I honestly don't want to come to school to listen to them complain about me and my peers and how hard it is being a teacher. The curriculum isn't that difficult, at least not to me, which I feel is only hurting me. It makes me look smart now, but I know when I get to college and into the real world I'm probably just going to be lost and disappointed in myself. Our school is pretty small, so I understand that there doesn't really need to be a bunch of extra electives. But I would've liked a little more variety when choosing electives.
The options are very limited and expensive. The few things we do get to choose from are not at all filling. I have talked to several students who have come across various foods that have not been cooked thoroughly/properly. I understand that there are rules that have to be followed and they are trying to keep us healthy, but this is a HIGH SCHOOL full of growing teenagers. We can't get through the day with 4 chicken nuggets that cost 3 dollars. We have our choice of going through the regular line where there is something different everyday, or the line where there are the same options everyday. But we are only allowed to go through the line once, and the food is still expensive in both lines. Athletes barely make it through their athletic periods near the end of the day because they feel like they're going to pass out from lack of energy. Up until this year, we were allowed to go off the campus for lunch. They took this privilege away for "our safety." If we're going to be forced to eat at the cafeteria, we should at least get more reasonably priced options that taste better and are more filling.
The academics at this school are great. Any class that is offered at most small schools is offered here. There is an array of shop classes offered for the students along with fine arts and computer technologies.
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