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This school is great, with great teachers. A very close-knit school with amazing friend groups. Everyone can feel safe here. One of the best principals and administrations I've seen. This school truly prepares you for college.
I loved my four years at Oliver Ames and I don't think any other high school could have given me the opportunities that I got to have. I not only traveled to 3 countries, but my academic environment was nothing but incredible. I would however like to see a social change at Oliver Ames where no one is afraid to speak their voice and use their opinions to make a difference. I think as freshman I was definitely scared to talk to upperclassmen and I felt that my voice didn't matter as much as the older kids, but I think over the years that has changed.
Wonderful high school with overall kind and unproblematic students. Teachers care about academics and the success of their students.
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I like the school and I know I am getting a quality education, but the sped department needs a lot of work. There is very minimal communication from the administration and that is a major problem. The actual teachers and aides are amazing but the people who run the department need to learn how to do their job or leave. Other than that I like the school and there are so many different clubs and sports to join, most of them are underfunded and rely on student fundraisers though. Many good athletic teams but a lot of very good teams are overlooked because of the sport and gender. Can be cliquey but it is easy to find your people. Cafeteria food sucks. Same thing every day except for one station. The rest of the school is fantastic, there are just a few downfalls but overall I have enjoyed my experience.
My experience at OA has shown me that teachers are very passionate about teaching and care very deeply about their work. Many students are excited to see more diversity. Most students care a lot about their academics and sports and music. Recently, the music department was depleted and I think that administration should give music the same amount of importance as they do sports. Our music teachers are very dedicated. Most sports coaches care very deeply about their teams. All teachers are available after school for extra help. Some classes are pretty difficult but I've learned a lot in every class that I have taken. Guidance provides an adequate amount of resources but I recommend getting outside help for more in depth help with college counseling and or familial or personal issues. There are different clubs that cater all sorts of students. We are a pretty cliquey school with many students but administration provides many fun events to bring classes together.
I came to this school as a foreign kid who hesitated to communicate with others. My school appointed me an ESL, English as Second Language, and I improved drastically that I did not needed next year but I still miss it. The guidance counselors sees the potential in students and also gives great opinions on achieving more knowledge or experience regarding student's major. The Academics is great, but students have to be aware of the deadlines of trials as after the deadline it will be difficult to get in. Clubs like Robotics, Math Club, Chess Club, etc are beyond the chart. The library is massive and the librarians are cool and knows every source and book which help many students to gather info easily and efficiently.
I would say what I like most about my time at Oliver Ames high were all of the teachers. I had a very fun experience at Oliver Ames high school.
Compared to other schools,Oliver Ames had academics, food, staff, and sports were all typical of that of any other high school. However, what sets Oliver Ames apart is the culture there.Competition between students was not only the norm but encouraged. For example, a student's value was determined by their grades.On report card day, students were pressured by their peers to reveal their grades, and there was nothing the staff did to stop this.The school did nothing to build their students up in any way other than praising for good grades.Now do not get me wrong, high scoring grades should be acknowledged and appreciated.However, the school created an environment where your GPA determined your worth as a person.I believe schools need to be better than this.Students should be encouraged to pursue hobbies in the arts,encouraged that they can find value besides their score on a chemistry test.There needs to be changed, and all I can hope is the next generation does future students better.
Life at OA is overall blah. Nothing exceptional, but nothing bad. The academics are generally good, but with the exception of a few teachers here and there, nothing great. I enjoyed this school and would recommend it to anyone, but it wasn't that much of a memorable experience.
Oliver Ames has great academics, committed teachers, and an awesome high school atmosphere. I think the school could push students more with regard to college, but besides that I believe Oliver Ames prepares me well for life after high school.
Oliver Ames High School provides an effective education for its students! They offer an impressive range of academic rigor among their coursework.
I really enjoy Oliver Ames. I think the kids there are great. Some classes get really close and into school spirit. Spirit week in November is one of the best weeks and all the teachers are very involved with it. A lot of the teachers love their jobs and love teaching and helping every student. The food in the cafeteria is amazing; they make orders for wraps, which I highly recommend. Lastly, overall the sports are pretty good.
It is a very close knit school and has a sort of culture that makes you enjoy coming to school ! The amount of clubs and opportunities that are readily available to the students is shocking, there are so many clubs to chose from and they are all lead by caring teachers or individuals. There is never a dull day at Oliver Ames High school!
no diversity. racist. kids are extremly racist. The food is terrible. DON'T LISTEN TO THE OTHERS. THIS SCHOOL IS TERRIBLE. cyber bulling. you are streotyped if ur black. hahahahahaha its just TERRIBLE
Overall, this is a fun, safe, nice place to go to high school. A lot of the kids are rich, but they aren’t preppy or trying to prove anything. OA has great academics, clubs and community involvement. The administration and teachers are also pretty good for the most part.
I would like to see a better selection of classes. There is too much emphasis on being a good student, and very little culture within the school. Some teachers are delightful. They offer endless support and make learning enjoyable. Others lack the skills to teach. The administration is extremely disorganized, which shows in the lack of communication and activities.
My first year at Oliver Ames I was having a very difficult time with my mental health. While a lot of schools would not take my well being seriously, Oliver Ames isn’t one of them. Staff at this school work collaboratively to find the best way to help students succeed. One thing I’d hope would change is having longer lunch blocks, as lunch typically only lasts for 22 minutes.
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Oliver Ames is a great school and the teachers are dedicated to teaching and helping students. The students are also amazing and work very hard which is reflected in the standardized test scores. Clubs and organizations are easy to join and very inclusive. My experience at Oliver Ames has been amazing and helped me get into all the colleges I applied to which was 11. Other schools in the area can not compare to Oliver Ames. Though the sports teams aren’t the best will rank among the best in the state for some teams. Sports are easy to join and you will always find what you are looking for.
A great school with excellent academics a wonderful music program, and one that thoroughly prepares you for college, the school has many resources towards helping students of all learning styles
I have had a great experience with Oliver Ames High School. The staff and administration are always friendly and willing to help. Teachers truly care about their students leaving a positive learning environment for everyone.
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