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Olentangy Orange Middle School Reviews

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Overall Orange Middle School was an excellent learning environment. The teachers were very responsive and attentive to student needs, often times predicting the needs of students before they had to ask. There was a wide variety of sports and clubs to choose from including baseball/softball, orchestra, band, and choir. The school is a emotionally and physically safe learning environment where everyone feels welcome. There is also a school safety officer on school property during the day to discourage any possible incidents and protect students. The exceptionally rigorous educational curriculum put me ahead of a large portion of fellow students as I began college.
Olentangy Orange Middke School is a school of great integrity and might. They have an excellent music and arts program, and they prepare their students for the future.
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I gave two stars for Academic only, my child is being transferred because of the district switch. That is not why I’m giving two stars. My student has been bullied all year long with no help from the school. All that she has learned is it is ok to be bullied and that no one will stand in her corner but her parents. Apparently if you are bullied the only help you can get is to be counseled as the victim but the bullies have no consequences for their actions. The staff would rather yell at you for not understanding their lack of care. The school is amazing in academics but that is all. I hope the new school has a better view on their zero tolerance for bullies policy. New school new year!
The only reason I gave this school two stars is because the academics are undeniably great. But, the lack of diversity causes some serious racist issues amongst the students. This school is racist! There is an 84% white population with only a 4% black population and the white students have no shame in making the black students feel inferior. Unfortunately, some of the teachers definitely follow suit. So I guess the question you have to ask yourself if you're a minority is... is it worth it? If you are willing to fight battles and put out fires pertaining to racism, this may be the school for you. Or, if you are like me and tired of fighting this battle, the whites can have it. In 2018, who would have ever thought we would be fighting the senseless battle of racism. Sad!
Olentangy Orange middle school helped me with my transition from elementary school to middle school. The school and the environment has allowed me to grow as a student now in high school. OOMS pushed me to do better and better and still be involved in extra curricular activities.
The nurses are caring and patient. The teachers and health staff listen to the students and help them with their problems no questions asked.
MD at major sporting events, 4.5 athletic trainers & college interns. a nurse & assistant
Orange has state of the art equipment, certified trainers and health & fitness coaches. They follow strict concussion guidelines & protect the athletes above winning
No tolerance for sexting; Many random drug testing
Student body is very ethnically diverse.
Parent cooperation has been less than enjoyable. A lot complaining. Male dominated leadership.
Orange has received the highest rating possible since it has been ope
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