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Olentangy High School is a highly academic driven school that pushes you to your absolute potential. There is a vast amount of activities and clubs that people can join and give you the opportunity to find a new hobby or make new friends. Teachers were very engaged and helpful in the learning experience and helped steer me on the correct pathway. Overall a great experience at the high school.
The Olentangy districts goal is to facilitate maximum learning for each student. By offering many course and paying more attention to each student to curate an individualized learning experience, Olentangy does just that.
I think academically Olentangy schools are great; However, as a minority it is very difficult being in their school district. The Caucasian children could say the most foul racist things and when we would bring it to the administration's attention absolutely nothing would happen and we would most likely be the ones that got in trouble. Also, it's very concerning how many of the students do drugs from juuling to heroin/cocaine. I understand that the school can't really do anything about that seeing as they are not that child's parent; However, students were definitely doing drugs in the bathrooms.
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Good teachers, though some are better than others. Dean of students was lacking. Some problems with vaping, and other light drugs and alcohol. Not too many problems with hard drugs. Children are mostly nice, slightly entitled. Administration is reluctant to challenge the norm, even if it would better overall student life. Personal experience has led to personal views on the administration as reluctant to take hard stances and support victims of abuse, assault, stalking. Some programs are more supported than others, but the arts do fairly well here.
I moved here my freshman year and the staff welcomed me a lot. The staff actually wants the students to succed.
Olentangy High School has provided me with an outstanding opportunity to be the first class to graduated from Olentangy Stem academy. OSA has opened my eyes as a female student with hand on learning in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During this process my senior year I was able to do a mentorship class where I fell in love with architecture and design by doing a mentorship program with MKC and Associates.
Overall great school. Environment is a bit crowded and some students are not the friendliest. The lunch food isn’t the best either.
As a student with a learning disability, Olentangy has provided me the assistance needed to perform at a high level.
I’m very thankful for the wonderful academics. It is an atmosphere where I felt like I could really push myself. The teaching staff and administration are wonderful. They are very patient and are hardworking individuals who want to see their students to develop and grow. They are extremely willing to go above and beyond to help any students who ask for assistance. The students there are also very welcoming. There are a lot of programs and sports teams for students to get involved in and helps expand peer relationships. One thing that I wish could change is the extremely competitive academic environment. Even though it has pushed me to become a better student, it can bring down self-confidence. I as well as other student can personally attest to that. Besides that detail, I’m extremely satisfied with my education thus far and I believe that Olentangy High School is pushing me down the right path to college!
Olentangy High School provides a great opportunity for students to be well prepared for further education. The teachers, administrators, students and community create an outstanding environment.
Olentangy High School has presented me with many opportunities and has groomed me to be a confident individual.
I had a great time in high school, the academics are great the sports are great however recently I believe that the school district has gone down hill as a whole because they keep expanding, they are losing quality because of quantity and there is a drug problem. I felt that when I went to school I was really getting a good education. If you go here you will definitely be college ready
It's a pretty nice school that can get you help you get anywhere in life basically. The people there aren't really toxic nor non-friendly, it's just that it might be tough for a kid not having went to the area's middle school, but you can still have a great friendships.One thing I would change is the chairs--now I don't know if all schools have these chairs but it's like a 90% chair. It's probably going to give me back pain.
I loved being able to have a personal relationships with my teachers and being able to go talk to them about anything I need. The food could definitely be improved and there were some outliers for teachers who were not as good. Overall, Olentangy is a great school and will take care of the kids enrolled. The counselors are amazing and go out of their way to help each individual kid, regardless of their situations.
Olentangy is overall a very good school. It is in a fantastic school district and the community is very welcoming and very involved in the betterment of their students. They could update their facilities a little more since it was the first high school built, and it's starting to look run down, inside and especially outside, compared to the other schools in that district.
My experience at Olentangy High School was good. I enjoyed how well they get you ready for college. I wish the school district wasn't so big.
Olentangy High School provided a lot of opportunities to its student's. However, they pushed college on just about all of their students, regardless of student ambition. They could do a lot more career exposure. It is in all aspects a very white upper middle class school.
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I loved my four years at Olentangy. I grew as a person and student and learned so much along the way. I loved most of the teachers I had as they provided help when ever I needed and were easy to communicate with. It was very hard to say goodbye to this school.
I recently completed my Junior year at Olentangy High School. I really enjoyed all the opportunities that this high school has given me. I have been able to not only participate in school classes and sports, but have been able to become involved in the college credit plus program which allows me to take college classes and get both high school and college credit. I have really enjoyed this program and look forward to my senior year at Olentangy.
I felt that the teachers truly care about the success of their students. They want them to succeed. Some students do not get this feeling though because sometimes there is a disconnect with what teachers say and what they mean. It's all about Paralanguage: not what you say but how you say it.
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