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I had a positive experience as a student at ORR. I was well prepared for college and then to graduate school. My teachers often took time out their day to meet with me for extra help, my coaches cared about my performance in my classes as well. I am grateful I was able to attend. My freshman year history teacher said two things that have stuck with me for life. One, that these years were one of my last opportunities where my main responsibility is to learn new things everyday. That really motivated me to get more out of my classes, instead of just a grade. Second, she told me that half of what we learn in school isn't from a book, how people skills and character building were going to stick with me after all the facts I had memorized had faded. To this day I think of these conversations with her often.
It is a very good school for strong academics. There is always a solid line of communication, plenty of opportunities for students and staff to interact.
I had a very okay experience at ORR. I came into the district through the school of the choice program and wasn't immediately accepted. I heard teachers and some students make negative remarks about my present hometown and past school. I wasn't very welcoming. This kind of energy stayed constant throughout high school.
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Great school, I had a lot of fun here. There are awesome teachers who really want to help you learn and succeed.
I liked the teachers and the freedom to choose the classes you want. Most of the teachers put a lot of effort into making the classes interesting. The students have a lot of school spirit and there is never a dull moment.
I don't think any high school is without the usual annoyances, and while it is continuing to get more and more restrictive, I think ORR is pretty good all things considered. Most of the students are nice, the teachers are great, and it's a good school, all things considered.
I personally chose to go to this school and compared to other schools around this area, it has the best academic and athletic opportunities around.
At Old Rochester the staff community of people do everything they can to make you feel welcome and involved. Bulldog pride is a right of passage at the high school. There are so many opportunities to participate in to make your mark on the school. Our rules to live by are respect, resiliency, and effort. Everyone has a job to do. Students are expected to succeed and do well. Teachers are responsible for making a difference in the students lives and furthering their education. Old Rochester Regional High School is a place I am proud to call my home.
Overall I think Old Rochester is a great school if you are looking to pursue higher education after graduation. The academics are very on-par with (if not better than) private schools in our area, and many of the teachers are passionate alumni from prestigious institutions who really do go above and beyond to help their students succeed. There are a myriad of clubs available to join, and the principal makes it very easy for students to establish new ones if they so desire. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because those who choose to join the military or pursue a trade after highschool instead of college tend to be looked down upon. There are not as many resources for those students who don't want/are unable to pursue a college degree, and the guidance department tends to focus mainly on valedictorians and legacy children while leaving others to struggle through a large chunk of the college process on their own.
I transferred to this school through the school choice program. The teacher's here are amazing. The teacher's took the time to help you with issues in the classes if you were not understanding the topic. I really felt like the teacher's at this school really wanted me to succeed. This school is a fantastic school and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to go. The class size is not large and is kept to about 200 kids per grade.
I am great full that I am able to attend Old Rochester. I have always felt safe within the school and have never felt like I couldn’t reach out to most all of my teachers. In my past four years, I really can’t say I’ve had a teacher that I didn’t like or that I didn’t learn something from. When it comes to academics, I feel like I am pushed to do better in just the right ways. I feel like this school in particular could do a little more to help students heading to college. Such as setting up more presentations or with guidance counselors getting to know you a little better so when it comes time to picking your college, your able to receive advice from some one that knows you and knows what colleges could best fit you. Being a senior now, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Old Rochester in a few short months. I have learned, grown, and enjoyed being apart of my school.
I had a great 4 years at Old Rochester made lots of great friends, small community where everyone got along and knew each other. School has great school spirit and gets the kids involved doing Spirit week and skits for each grade level. The only thing I would maybe change is less homework
I had a good experience at old Rochester until the rules became so strict. By my senior year we weren’t able to have our phones on us at all, backpacks weren’t allowed, being in hallways during class was very limited. This ruined the experience for me personally. Besides that the athletics program was amazing and was the best part about the school. I also felt that almost all teachers genuinely cared about the success of their students!
The staff/teachers are all very understanding, and know how to help students to achieve the grades they wish to see on their report cards at the end of the semester. However, this school focuses majorly on their sports when compared to the arts, as some schools can be. Security has been good at the school, and the overall atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. If an issue arises, administration takes action immediately, which is excellent to promoting a healthy atmosphere.
I loved the ability to talk to anyone about any problems and feeling safe anywhere on campus. The teachers are great and I feel the academics have prepared me well for college and the future career. There are many different ways to get involved in the school, whether through clubs or through sports or even just in class, you get to know everyone there.
The sports here are really good, just about every team makes the playoffs and we've won the dalton award a few times. The teachers here actually care about your well being and not just grades which is really nice.
Great teachers and a wide variety of classes. The school lacks diversity, though, an issue which can be seen in the culture of the school. A huge emphasis is placed on sports, meaning that programs in the arts including visual art, music, and theater can be left with little support.
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ORR, as we call it, is definitely a great school! There is a wide range of Academics offered, all the way from AP Chemistry to AP Art or even AP Psychology. There is a ton of "elective" classes that you can take, such as Philosophy and Architectural Engineering. The teachers are all dedicated to what they are doing, and the students go on to a wide range of universities (recents include Tufts, Georgetown, and Boston University). Outside of school, there is a club for everyone, including the GSA, Latin Club, ESports, Knitting Club, and more. Our sports are highly ranked, they include Cross Country, Golf, Football, Sailing, Baseball, and many more. The school itself contains around 800 students from similar backgrounds, as well as School Choice students and foreign exchange students. Our band and arts programs are excellent as well. Our theater program is probably the most popular club and is also excellent. The school is clean, in a good area, and has resources for everyone.
Old Rochester Regional High School was a great school system that provided me great opportunity to go to a top rated, private college. The teachers care about their students and the guidance department (at least in my experience) were very caring and helpful. ORR is a school system that I would 100% put my children through.
Old Rochester Regional prepared me very well for college. The staff is dedicated to students learning and the level of discipline in the school created a safe environment for all students.
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