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I enjoyed Olathe North but it is your job to get involved, they do not force you to be apart of any one thing, you have to join on your own.
Olathe North is the best HS in the Olathe School District. The admin and teachers are top notch and really care about their students!
I think the teachers are very helpful and encouraging; they go out of their way to help their students. The people there are also very nice but I wish it wasn't so clique-y.
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This was a very great overall highschool experience. It is important to focus on your education and value your future and thats what Olathe North did for me.
I've been attending that school and I will soon be graduating, but over all I love how small the school is but enough to where it's not too over crowding. The diversity in the school is very diverse.
I love Olathe North High School. I’ve always felt safe and instantly found my place within the large school. It’s easy to get involved and students and staff are very welcoming! The whole school feels like a family, the staff and administration care about each student and want the best for all.
I like the diversity, the culture and sports available. Great spirit and activities for everyone to be involved with. Teachers take time for those interested in helping on the side and just getting involved. Even though large population, staff even take time to learn your name. Counselors encourage you to expand your interest in all kinds of classes and activities. It's hard not to feel part of something bigger.
Olathe North is the best high school I've gone too. I feel included in everything I'm involved in at the school. I have also made friends that will last a lifetime. I found the diversity at the school has helped to prepare me for the real world and real situations.
it is a very good school that provides a lot of programs and classes children can take to help better them going to college.
This school offers a wide variety of courses and is a friendly school. I have attended this school for the Sports Medicine program (Twenty First Century Program through Olathe Public Schools) for all four years of high school. I feel like it has prepared me for life beyond high school. The teachers here really care and will go out of their way to help you.
I started my freshman year at Olathe North High School. It was one of the school that lived close to. I had gotten a chance to take classes that I wanted. I have taken the Early Childhood Career in both my junior and senior year. The library was a quite place for me to study and do my homework. I had so many teachers that impacted my life tremendously. I was part of the Eagle Service Club and Fellowship Christian Athlete club. I enjoyed them both.
Olathe North offers a variety of opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to explore their interests and build meaningful relationships. It is home to some of Olathe’s Twenty First Century Academies, including the Geoscience Program. As a transfer for this program, I have found an environment that has brought out my interests. I have been encouraged to be involved in my community through groups such as Eagle Servce Club, Student Council, French National Honor Society, and National Honor Society. My teachers have gone out of their way to ensure that I am thriving in school and in the “real world” too. I feel like I can leave Olathe North knowing that I am ready for the future, and that I made the right decision to transfer there.
I came to Olathe North as a transfer student for the Animal Health 21st Century program. I was very nervous because I didn't know anyone coming to North, but immediately I began making friends. Now I am a junior, and I have managed to cultivate a wonderful friend group, I have fantastic teachers who are passionate about what they teach and who love working with students. I truly love being an Olathe North Eagle.
Olathe North has been one of the best experiences I have had. This school is diverse, accepting, and kind. The teachers here work above and beyond to make sure each of us succeeds and goes on to achieve our goals. It has been fantastic. I am glad I was able to attend
The school has great leadership. You can tell the teachers are very passionate about what they are teaching. The principle has been trying very hard to make positive changes in the way the school works. Although, they may need to reign in the control they have been giving the students.
Olathe North was the best choice i ever made. It is such a diverse school and the teachers really care about your education and your success.
Olathe North was so diverse. Walking around the hallways seeing everyone being so nice and friendly gives me a warm feeling. The teachers at that school care so much. They make you feel at home and care about not only your school work, but your personal life as well. There are no other teachers like those at Olathe North.
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I liked some of the teachers because they seemed to care about my well being. But some teachers were horrible and had no interest in actually teaching us. I made quite a few friends and am still friends with some since we graduated. I was on the bowling team and in the marching band. I loved both. They are what made school fun for me. Overall I'd say this is the best school in the district because of the diversity and extracurricular activities. The food was horrible and most of the time inedible but it was an easy fix bringing food to eat instead.
I am a senior at Olathe North and I have enjoyed being a student there. Olathe North is very diverse and it is a great place to go to high school. There are many clubs and organizations that allow students to be very involved.
Olathe North High School is such a diverse school. Everyone is so different, yet feel like family and fit in. It's a school where people can be themselves and be accepted. Teachers are so understanding and very involved with their students, and they also prepare students very well for college. Going into college, whenever people ask what high school I went to, they always have an "oh, that's why expression", and it's not a bad thing. It's mainly because they know how competitive, smart, and cultured an Olathe North student is because of how prepared they are. I have a sibling and some friends who go to other schools, and it's so discouraging to see all of the hate going around in their high schools. I'm so proud to be an Olathe North graduate. I've made connections, grew up as a person, and am now I'm in college and couldn't be any happier. You're in high school once, but you're an eagle forever.
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