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Oklahoma Centennial High School Reviews

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The staff was always willing to help students. The teachers would volunteer to stay after school, and the office staff would provide support for those who did not have a great home life. Our mental and physical health was taken seriously, as well as our education.
What I like about Oklahoma Centennial High School is that the staff and teachers really care about our future education. I don't know for sure about the students. Even though they care about us students going to college and such, I don't think they prepare us enough as they should.
most of the staff here really care about the students and what they learn in class. some makes sure students have not only food but also personal things for them to be successful. they make sure they have a way to and from school as well.
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its very helpful and informative
projects and seminars were superb really.
teaching style is great and they are very nice as well.
More support is needed for students to SUCCEED. They need guidance.
There are certainly some teachers that are there for you.
I love this school it is the only school i went to through middle and high school year, so i have a lot of memories here and really enjoyed my long journey and hope they keep improving.
i really don't eat lunch at school anymore, but i wouldn't say too much is bad. everything they make for us is eatable, never really to nasty to eat but it could have better taste to it
Our school does not play about bullying at all, if the teachers or anyone see it, your most likely to get a suspension. The administrators really try to keep us out of trouble by letting us know the rules first so we don't make the mistake later
The sports and fitness programs here are good, but we only have so many. We have the basic sports such as basketball, football, and baseball but we never have swimming or tennis. My favorite sport is basketball and i loved the season we had. We went out town and made it to state but lost.I love the sports at our school though, the coaches are doing a wonderful job
The teachers really care about the students but when the student doesn't care its the students fault. The teachers will always try their best to help and teach but sometimes students get carried away and make it very frustrating on the teacher. The teacher always tries. to help though
We have some good programs such as peek. They do things to help the community and even help our school, they walk around the school picking up trash and painting and more good stuff. Lately we also have been having a ACT study boot camp to help students up their scores on the test.
My overall experience couldve been worse. sports makes this school unique
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