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My three children attend OVS so as a parent I have gotten to experience every grade at the lower campus and I could not be happier with the education, environment and staff! My children have absolutely flourished there. They are very confident public speakers because of all the opportunities (beginning as early as PreK) to stand up and lead.
They have a love of camping and hiking and have become mini survivalists from all the camping trips they've participated in.
They have met and made friends from all over the world and become better citizens because of it.
I am beyond pleased with my children's education and I do not have enough words of praise for the teachers who quite literally devote their lives to this school. The teachers go so far above and beyond for their students that I can only describe their commitment to them as more of a parental role.
Great place to grow up in a positive and nurturing environment. Life long friends were made from all over the world providing a thirst for different cultures and a love of travel. While the junior and senior academics were on the college level, every graduate was provided a foundation to make their dreams become reality. THANK YOU OVS!!!
OVS has been my home away from home. It's faculty and students are amazing. Everyone are friends around the campus. Tons of sports and activities offered and you have the chance to try everything. Overall I had an amazing 4 years at OVS.
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Ojai Valley School has more potential than anyone knows what to do with, this school has the bones of one of the best private boarding schools in the country yet it maintains the malleability that allow devoted teachers and students to influence the school extremely directly. However, the admin is extremely out of tune with the Teachers and Students, when bringing issues to the Head of School pretty much everything is "over his head" any real changes have to go through a governing body that doesn't interact with students and doesn't understand the potential that is contained within the high powered students and teachers. Ojai is the best place in the world to go to school and OVS is an example of this. I have loved my time at OVS for all of its quirks and frustrations and as with any school experiencing growing pains its in an awkward stage and will get better within a couple years.
The OVS community is one of the most amazing I have ever witnessed. Everyone is extremely welcoming and supportive. I had a good relationship with all my teachers as well as Mr.Floyd, the upper school head, who is one of the most hardworking people I've ever met. The school works hard to provide borders with fun activities and opportunities to go out of school and discover new places. The outdoors education program is quite unique and provides students with opportunities they would many times not normally have. The students are mostly friendly and open as well. My experience at The Ojai Valley School was an overall great one and I highly recommend the school.
The school itself is alright, but some of the teachers need to get over their god-like complex. A notable characteristic of OVS is their outdoor education program, there are a variety of trips to choose from. Every other week or so, there is a camping trip/other outdoorsy activity. It is a bit strict, but I am somewhat biased as a boarding student. The town OVS is located in, Ojai, has a quaint, artsy feel to it and has plenty of events to participate in!
I am currently a Sophomore at Ojai Valley School, this is my fifth year attending, and I must say that every year I come back I find myself loving this place more and more. At my old schools, after a little while the school days would become monotonous and I would find myself losing focus. However, at OVS, the school community, the faculty, the students, the maintenance crew, everyone makes this school unique and wonderful in their own way, its not only a school that shapes who you are and who you become, but you have the opportunity to shape the school as well, you don't feel like just another student that will spend four years earning and education and then getting booted out the door, at OVS you feel like you are a contributing member of the community.
OVS offers students a wonderful opportunity to learn through academics and experience. The engaged faculty work closely with each of their student students and provide all the assistance needed to find success in all aspects of life.
I loved the school and all of my teachers when I attended. I was there for eight years and it couldn't have been better. Watching the school continue to grow, develop, and provide new resources and experiences for the students really let us know that they cared.
People get kicked out for bullying
I think its a real community feel, and although its small I met a few really great people