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This is a great virtual school that can help your child succeed. Whether your child is gifted or needs IEP you really should look to OCA. The staff are very helpful, the teachers can be contacted easily by phone or web mail. My son is able to work at his own pace in a quiet and safe space. If your child is struggling, being bullied or is gifted but getting bored with school then I would highly suggest looking into OCA.
What I like about Ohio Connections Academy is it is an online school, that has Live lessons which are classes that you can go to for your main courses or you can go to some that are about being ready for college or getting scholarships, they have guest speakers that come to the live lessons to talk to you. Ohio Connections Academy has me get better grades and a better learning experience.
It's a very good online school i connect with rel teachers and i get to talk to them like normal teachers! It's very helpful if you can't go to a public school.
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Being able to log on to the live lessons was very helpful, because I am a person that needs human interaction to fully feel invested in the class and understand. The teachers were very friendly, and for the most part responded quickly, although understandably they had a lot to do with so many students in one class. There was quite a bit of "busy" work that seemed a little unnecessary to me, but that is to be expected at any school. It isn't a knock against them. Overall a very good high school experience.
I absolutely loved going to OCA. The teachers & staff were always very supportive & helpful. OCA gave me the opportunity to graduate a year ahead of my class & gave me plenty of flexibility for me to get a job. I would highly recommend OCA to anyone looking to homeschool their child.
I loved that I could go at my own pace with all of the lessons. This led me to have excellent, honor roll grades! The staff was also very helpful throughout my time here and was always considerate of my illnesses and how they may effect my work.
I liked that i was able to do school from home, so i had time to work. The clubs were much easier to apply to then in a public school, and much easier to commit to. The classes are much harder then public school; you are forced to bascially teach yourself everything.
Ohio Connections Academy is a great choice for students who need extra assistance, who are more independent, who have social anxiety, who have jobs, or who are tired of the expectations forced upon them in other school settings. Ohio Connections Academy provides a challenging but fun curriculum and environment. The teachers are highly qualified, friendly, and always there when you need help.
Ohio Connections Academy provided me with an excellent amount of resources to use in to ensure my future in college. They allowed me to participate in College Credit Plus, take advanced classes, move ahead a year, meet with my teachers, via internet chats, and many other admirable benefits. Some of the academic material may have been a little outdated at times, but overall, up to date.
Flexible time schedule to allow me to work advanced athletics. Teaches time management. Curriculum held to higher standard than brick and mortar schools - both by the Ohio Dept of Education and by the OCA staff. Advanced college planning courses and activities are not found in traditional schools.
I love everything about this school. They keep in contact with you and your parents and they give you the time you need to learn.
My experience with Connections Academy has been short, but good. The academics are great and they really are on top of things when it comes to the education of their students and to keep them on track and focused. I've only had one teacher that didn't really pay attention to anything it seemed like, but I was always able to get ahold of another teacher for help or advice. They make sure that you think as to what you want to do, where you want to go in life, and they try to help and support you In anyway. They make you think and have you conduct research and fill out papers to get you thinking and seeing the characteristics of each career.
I really like Connections Academy. The teachers are really good at getting with the students monthly to make sure they are not struggling and will give additional help when needed. They will even work through hard questions that were on tests, so that you better understand what yo are doing. They prepare you well. They are very kind, and caring to all and make sure you have a good experience. The only thing I would change would be for the foreign language. I think that there should be regular live lessons for the foreign language so that students are speaking it daily.
Ohio Connections Academy is a good school for nontraditional students. I attended this school for my last 3 years of high school. I think that student-teacher interaction could be improved; I don't feel as though I knew any of my teachers with the exception of maybe my homeroom teachers. It's not a very rigorous school and I think it would be beneficial for many students if there were more deadlines as the current system leads to a lot of students constantly getting behind. It's nice to have more flexible scheduling but I think students only having to complete their assignments by the end of the semester should change. I think the school could benefit from switching to a quarter system, at least, so when students do get behind they have a closer deadline to complete a more managable amount of work. I think Connections definitely has it's place, though, for students who for whatever reason cannot succeed in a brick-and-mortar school.
I believe that Ohio Connections Academy is a wonderful school! The teachers here are absolutely amazing. There is a wide variety of classes you may choose to take, and the majority of peers are respectable and actually want to learn. The only downside is that there isn't a wide variety of clubs and organizations you can join. For example, there isn't an Anime Club or a gay-straight alliance club; there are only "typical" clubs here, and I have found them to be engaging but quite boring. The staff here are willing to help, the teachers are respectable and do a nice job of teaching the material, and students actually want to learn. I want to also point out that because the material is challenging, students can fall behind easily if they do not reach out to their teachers and ask for help. Ultimately, it all comes down to the student if s/he is willing to participate, put in their best effort, and regularly engage with his or her teachers. In the end, this is a great school. Go OCA! :)
The curriculum allows you to move through your lessons at your own pace. They offer multiple levels of classes so you can be challenged appropriately. Through the years it has allowed me to travel during the school year and stay up to date on my work. The teachers are super helpful and caring. They always try their best to make sure you successful.
This is my 7th year at OCA. I have had excellent scholastic opportunities at this school. My teachers have all been supportive & encouraging. My experience with OCA has been an excellent one & I feel well prepared to continue my education in college.
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The Teachers are great; they challenge you, encourage you, inspire you to be your best. I can schedule classes that interest me while meeting graduation requirements. Some curriculum could be streamlined to be more interactive and include hands-on-experiments at home.
Ohio Connections Academy was a great opportunity for me to gain more freedom in my everyday life and to get out of the bad situations at my previous school. The teachers and administration really care about their students' success. I've done more valuable work through them than I ever did at public school.
We tried to enroll our child to Connections Academy. The process of reviewing documents was slow, administration used different bureaucratic excuses to slow down process in order not to enroll my kid as I think they didn't have enough capacity due to ECOT situation. Instead of just saying "no" from the beginning in order we won't waste our time and go to other school, they asked for more and more not necessary documents. We were very upset and frustrated because of such attitude!
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