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Security wasn't the best. I heard rumors of dog sweeps, though I never actually saw one. The doors weren't always locked, and it was fairly easy to leave and enter the school through the side doors. There was a 'hit' list once in the bathroom that was never acknowledged or taken care of by the administration. Bullying was just like any other school, and wasn't really handled well.
Theatre, band, art, orchestra, dance. The list is endless. The only bad part is having to juggle all of them at once! There's so many options, it's hard to just join one. The most popular would have to be band.
The students there were mature, or at least the one attending Pegasus and Honor classes. Though there were times where things seemed to be out of control, there was always someone there to calm it down. The clubs there are fantastic, enough said. Theatre was my favorite club after school, and it was always fun to watch my peers perform their pieces and to hear the feedback our teacher had for us. Harry Potter Club was a newer addition that had over 20+ students each meeting. The teacher made sure we had fun every time, and the contents we had were so creative and amazing! I'd love to come back.
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From the three years I was a student at Odom, I received the best quality of teaching possible, and connected with my teachers fairly easily. They were always there to help, whether it was concerning school or life in general. Some did lack the ability to control student's attention, which made it hard for the people in the class that wanted to learn. The best teachers are of the Honors/Pegasus program. They go above and beyond for their students, and I couldn't be more thankful to be apart of their classes. The arts are an incredible branch of the school. Theatre was such a big part of my life there, and I met so many amazing people who shared the same passion for acting. Many of my friends were apart of the band, and they all appeared so at home during practice and performances. Overall amazing teachers!
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