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OCVTS - Marine Academy of Technology & Environmental Science (MATES) Reviews

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A very academically challenging curriculum. Small class sizes make the teacher student ratio good though so getting extra help or guidance is always an option.
Everyone is always so nice and willing to help whether it's academic, research, or personal. The staff truly cares about their students and the school is overall pretty good. What you put into this school is what you get out of it. So if you are super involved and on top of your work, your teachers will put into the work and make sure you do well.
I enjoyed the welcoming, warm teachers that helped us get through the challenging school material. It was also interesting to be able to do work out in the field and examine trees, animals, and other aquatic based life forms. There was never a truly boring time, and although it was pretty difficult, I look back at MATES with much more fondness than I do vitriol. It was a challenging, but welcoming school that pushed me to try harder as well as work more with others, and for that I am grateful for my time there.
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The hands-on learning at MATES influences a different type of learning in which students are able to absorb all of the information easily.
The Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science is a fantastic school. While it is technically a public school, you must apply and be one of the 75 students in the entire county who makes it into the school. The schools focus is on math and sciences, specifically marine sciences, so it does not have many "arts classes". While there are many different scince and math based classes , the english, history, and few electives offered are quite impressive for college readiness. The teachers have a love for what they do, and truly want their students to succeed. Being such a small school there are no sports, but the clubs and extracurricular activities offered are amazing, with a fishing club, award winning mock trial team, math team, and even a birding club, just to name a few. The school feels very welcoming the facility is well-kept. In general, students with a math and science aptitude who are willing to be challenged academically would enjoy the school.
MATES is a wonderful, well-knit community, with an academic focus mostly on math and science. Currently there are efforts to incorporate more technology classes, something that far more students are interested in over any of the multiple marine/biology classes. Most of the teachers (students interacts with most if not all of them, I have not interacted with all), are devoted and enthusiastic about their job, and are dedicated to helping you. The classes may be hard at times, but the teachers and some students WILL help if you ask for it. The clubs are nice, nothing great, and having to go to your home district for sports is a detriment, but an unreasonable thing to ask a vocational school to organize. Unfortunately, due to the small size, the only language they offer is Spanish. With the recent COVID outbreak, teachers have given us less work then would normally occur in class, have shown their support and understanding, and have granted us our spring break. Would go again if I could.
The school is phenomenal academically, but I thought I’d focus on a glaring issue. There is an embarrassing lack of tech-focused classes in a so-called technology school. Until this year, there was only one tech class. The new class is only an elective. In contrast, there are five mandatory marine bio / environmental science classes: biology, aquatic ecology, biotechnology, oceanography, and environmental science. Despite the fact that only a small portion of each graduating class goes into one of those fields, they remain the focus of the curriculum, while the much more popular tech classes are ignored. It’s not at all what students want and is honestly disappointing for those of us who hoped we would learn more about technology as the name of the school implies. It’s still a great education but its focus is entirely misdirected. There’s no reason to ignore technology this much.
This is a great school. The teachers are great (for the most part) and can almost always answer any questions you have. The clubs here are great and offer many unique opportunities. It's a lot of work but honestly most issues you'll have with it are self-inflicted, if you don't procrastinate (which we all do) it won't be hard. It's hard to find many complaints with this school, but it's infuriating that, despite what the name suggests, there is almost no technology focus - the marine biology and environmental science dominates the curriculum. Even so, it's still a great option for anyone interested in STEM, and even though I have absolutely no interest in environmental science, it was ultimately a good choice. You'll just be bored a lot in at least 5 of your 32 classes.
Teachers are awesome, for the most part, but give WAY TOO MUCH WORK. I’m graduating now among the COVID-19 pandemic, and even now, they have absolutely zero respect for the difficult times we are facing, and continue to give us asinine amounts of work in comparison to other schools that are easing the workload or ending instruction earlier. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR STUDENTS, only the recognition that we can bring in. Everyone who goes here is stressed, depressed, and overworked. The counselors know this as well, and yet they do absolutely NOTHING to try and help. They continue to work us to the bone to “prepare” us for college, when many MATES alumni have said MATES was much harder than their college courses. Not worth it. The only benefit I saw in attending MATES was a better chance at getting scholarships or full rides, but very few people in our class actually are getting any aid. THIS SCHOOL IS NOT WORTH THE STRESS. DO NOT GO HERE. THEY DO NOT CARE.
Hi! I am currently a sophomore at MATES and I love it! It is such a great environment to be in! It can be very stressful sometimes since there is a lot of work and it is a different environment compared to other high schools in the area! If you want a challenge while being prepared for college here is the place for you! Great teachers and student body is great!
I truly love the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science. Our teachers are experts in their field who really enjoy and embrace the challenges that teaching brings. Our atmosphere is like no other, the small size allows everyone to be a family and it is a unique experience like no other. The rigorous coursework has definitely prepared me for the challenges that college will bring and I love MATES for it.
Everyone is very nice and smart. Small class sizes provide individual attention from teachers and staff members.
The Marine Academy of Technology & Environmental Science has prepared me for college and my future career with rigorous courses, field and laboratory experience, and passionate teachers who are experts in their subject field. Through a wide range of classes and opportunities, I have learned lessons to help shape me into and better student, worker, and person. Teachers at MATES have expanded my knowledge with critical thinking, and problem-solving skills and exposure to academic challenges that have made me more dedicated, hard-working, and ardent when it comes to learning. My experience at MATES has widened my horizon into a new academic realm through intense courses, challenges, and teachers.
The MATES education is fairly rigorous but prepared me for college much more than any other public school could have. There are ample opportunities for research.
I am a freshman an I made a lot of new friends there and get a good education. We get to interact with turtles and get a very good experience and do great research. However, we do get a lot of work.
I love attending MATES, I could not imagine attending a different high school. Between the amazing and friendly faculty and the equally amazing lunches it's a home away from home for all of the students. Academics wise, the school is the best of the best by the time we graduate we have at least enough credits to cover freshman year of college entirely, essentially allowing us to enter college as sophomores.
MATES is a very small school, which allows for a very supportive, tight-knit community. The education that MATES offers is rigorous, but rewarding. Alumni have consistently said that MATES has prepared them for anything and everything that college has to offer. With a focus on the environment, the MATES experience includes weekly field data collection and many labs through its science classes, while also maintaining top-tier math and English departments. Throughout your time at MATES, you'll learn to master everything from writing AP essays to delivering presentations to your peers.
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An excellent school that has each student working at their potential. Entrance is competitive but all who are accepted want to be there and value education. The only drawback is the distance to northern Ocean County towns makes for a long school day.
Overall a really good school, however, the student community is a bit lacking—the competitiveness makes a lot of students stressed and/or anxious.
MATES has an accelerated curriculum and block scheduling, where all of our courses are at an honors level, AP, or are dual enrollment. Additionally, the teachers at MATES seem to care about their work exponentially more than the staff at my hometown high school. Even our physical education staff are renowned for their work. The one thing that is lackluster in our school is the guidance counselors. They do not really assist us with the college app process.
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